Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears Are Has-Beens Clinging to Their Famous Pasts (VIDEO)

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Britney Spears and Lindsay LohanToday brings me great sorrow as we mourn the official loss of careers from two of my generation's biggest stars: Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. For Lohan, last night was her typical night, which meant obviously she had to go out, get drunk, get into a fist fight, get herself arrested yet again, and spend the evening in jail. For Ms. Spears, she debuted her newest music video with on X Factor in which she does, well, absolutely nothing.

It's hard to watch the big stars, our former favorite stars, fall. This time around it's safe to say that there is NO coming back. For Britney Spears, it's the slow loss of her talent. It's me wishing she would make a valiant comeback with another awesomely teenybopper hit like "Hit Me Baby One More Time." With Lohan, it's this daunting criminal record that doesn't stop growing. 

The question arises: Can stars be stars forever just because of who they are? Yeah ... about that. I think the answer is no.

Let's tackle Lohan first, shall we? Remember the days of The Parent Trap? Heck, even Herbie Fully Loaded wasn't that bad. She was happy and had excitement in her eyes. Whereas today, Lohan is about to be charged with FOUR new criminal charges (is that a world record or something?!). It breaks my heart, and to be real, I'm scared about the path she's going down.

And then there's the search for whatever happened to Britney Spears' talent. On X Factor, she's a dud. You can't argue that the woman just doesn't contribute much to the panel. Most of the time watching, I just want to shake her, hoping the old peppy former-girlfriend of Justin Timberlake will emerge ... but she won't.

Sure, they'll both always BE who they are, but without anything new to contribute, people will stop following their careers like they stopped following the careers of so many other washed up stars like R. Kelly, Paris Hilton, or (sadly) the Backstreet Boys. It just is what it is. Time goes on, we find new acts to entertain us.

If you're brave enough, take a peek at Britney's new music video for "Scream & Shout" here:

Do you think Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are washed up? Do you think people will stop caring?


Images via steven.ishiwara, thefixer/Flickr

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Desti... DestinyHLewis

I'm confused. This looks more like a new song featuring Brittany. This is just sad. 

nonmember avatar JacobysMom

This video is horrible and the song is even worse! A pathetic attempt at being "Hip"....

BPayne09 BPayne09

Not only did they just repeat the same thing over and over but Britney was hardly even in it. Yikes

nonmember avatar Jay

As the highest paid female musician, Britney Spears is far from being a hasbeen.

Sorry love but she still makes millions and sells millions of records even being a "shadow" of who she was.

Scream and Shout is #1 in the US iTunes charts and is #1 in 19 countries world wide.

Lindsay on the other hand is yet to make a comback.

You tried tho.

nonmember avatar Guest

The issue with this video is not Britney's talent it's boring, the producers went way to futuristic & didn't display any of Britney's dance abilities if you've ever seen a black eyes peas concert you can see the lack of dancing & weird sense of future is a theme perhaps it's because will I am appears high the entire video

Maia Warldorf

I'm kind of confused. The song is a featuring so why should the focus be on Britney? She's in it, some people doing featuring don't even bother. The lyrics repeat themselves, well, it's like most music around. And really you can't expect her to put out great music after great music. It's impossible. The song is passable, not great and not spectacularly bad. As too the question can stars be stars forever because of who they are? The answer is sadly yes. They don't have the same level of fame but they still are stars.  

Miche... Michelephant

Britney had 3 top ten singles from her latest album (which went up to number one on the US charts).  Last I checked, that isn't washed up.  As for the video, she's a featured artist.  She isn't supposed to be the center of attention and the video style didn't really have anyone dancing. 

annis... annismom10

Can't believe im getting pulled into this shit. You can't be 18 forever. I sure don't have the looks or talent I had at 18 & you don't either. 25, 30, 35 is not 18. & didn't they just report britney made 58 million this year? Doesn't sound very washed up to me.

And scream & shout is a Track with brit as a feature. When her own next single comes out i'm sure you'll complain then, too, because how dare she not be a spunky 18 yo old 12 years later.

nonmember avatar Phoenix

Why do people blame a boring video on one singer? That's like claiming the plot of Batman Rises has holes because of Ann Hatheway.

Singers don't direct videos, honey, they don't do the special effects and usually don't even have a say in the choreography. Especially if you aren't top-shelf talent anymore.

nonmember avatar Guest

You're soo clueless and mean, what a combination.

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