Kanye West Deposed as Kim Kardashian's Divorce Proceedings Drag On & On & ...

Kanye West and Kim KardashianFor a 72-day marriage, this divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is taking a hell of an annoyingly long time. In the latest move by Humphries to stall and drag out this ridiculous ordeal, Kanye West has been deposed.

Now we knew he was subpoenaed earlier this summer -- all clever like in a Nordstrom box and all. But the question is -- what in the world does Kris think Kanye knows? That he and Kim were involved during their marriage? That she confided in him that their marriage was a sham? Does it really matter now?

At this point it shouldn't, and it seems to be yet another stall tactic from him so he can keep dragging his feet. He wants an annulment and says he needs more time to prove that Kim duped him into marrying him.

Even if she did dupe him, you'd think he would just be embarrassed that he was stupid enough to fall for it. But apparently not The Humphs. He's trying to prove some point and take down the Kardashians when he really is just making himself look more pathetic.

Kim's attorney is fed up too. She called the whole thing a "fishing expedition" and said it's taking much too long. "She is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries," she said.

Well, that certainly raises some unfortunate images, but her point is a valid one. Let's get this over with already!

And we still have a long way to go before the trial even begins. The judge said a trial date will be set by February 15, but who knows when it will actually begin. Then who knows how long the trial will take. At the rate they're going, Kim and Kris's super short marriage just may turn out to be quite a long one by Hollywood's standards.

What, if anything, do you think Kanye revealed in his deposition? Can you believe they're still married?!


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Karma Grant

Everyone knows he was duped for ratings. At this point, nobody but him cares. I bet even his own attorney is calling it a fishing expedition in private, he's just happy to make money off the stupid guy.  Dude, let it go already. You're only making yourself look more and more pathetic every day.

Texas... TexasGirl512

Still. Don't. Give. A. Sh&T.

nonmember avatar Jules

All she has to do is allow the annulment. She is just as responsible as he is for this not being resolved. As someone who has been trying to get a divorce for six years and can't get my sociopath husband (and, yes, he really is a socio) I am filing for an annulment citing fraud (he stole my money). All people need to do is just walk away. All the animosity is a waste of time.

nonmember avatar Mimi

All this shows me what looser Kim is. He is a fame ho!!! Kris has every right to what he is doing. Kim is just mad because she wants to hurry and marry number 3. The whole family is looney. They got rich off a tradegy and a nasty video. At first I thought they were okay but no it's annoying.

Victoria Bowley

Sorry Jules but she won't go ahead with the annulment because she refuses to admit fraud to something that wasn't a fraud.

Liz Loca Beth

well at least they're still married...legally. lol the whole thing is ridiculous already get the divorce n go on with your lives already. We all know Kim doesn't care n if it doesn't work with Kanye (which I HOPE it doesn't) she'll still find someone to marry her out there! I mean come on, it's Kim K who wouldn't want to marry her?!

hello... hellokd87

I think Kris is immature and Kim blindsiding him by filing for divorce makes him want to have the last laugh. That's just the type of person he comes across as. Khloe even told Kim before the wedding that she knew she wasn't into him and she shouldn't go through with it. Maybe Kim truly believed "love will come" with time but then she realized how annoying he is.

Jamie Wilson

I don't for a minute believe anything Kim has to say. I am Kris Humphries side on this. How can you be so in love when you marry someone and then 72 days later say you want a divorce. Either she was playing him or she was completely stupid. Either way she is still a no body. She only became famous for her nasty sex tape. Where is the real talent? There is none. 

Purita Fleschhut

I understand before Humphries isn't going to contest the divorce. Financially, he can't stand against the Kardashians' millions.

nonmember avatar Anna

Personally I think the whole thing was another whole Kardashian publicity stunt and Kim and the whole crew are a bunch of publicity whores, anything for a buck. I mean they have a reality show they throw their dead father's name around for a buck, the only Kardashian who did actually have a law degree and real job, albeit he defended OJ, that's a lawyer's job. What are they doing but selling themselves out for money, not 1 single one of them has an education or a real job and never has. I don't blame Humphries, he's not remarrying today or tomorrow, so why not put them through the aggravation just for the hell of it. It does appears though Kris wasn't black enough for Kim, what's with them and black dudes, Kim and Khloe seem to have a fetish. I love black or white, and any colour in between, but your suppose to marry for love. The Kardashians haven't a clue what that means. I hope Jenners kids have a more realistic outlook on what love and marriage means, so they don't make the same joke of their lives their steps have.

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