'RHOA' NeNe Leakes' Bentley Reportedly Repossessed but That's Not Her Biggest Problem

NeNe LeakesIf there's one thing Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has made clear, it's that she's rich. "I'm very rich," she has said flat out on at least one occasion. So news that her Bentley got repossessed in a very public manner, has left more than a few tongues wagging about how very un-rich she really may be.

The incident, according to a small gossip site, happened outside of an Atlanta restaurant, and it wasn't subtle. Bentley reps supposedly showed up, and put a cover over her car with "Repossessed by Bentley" emblazoned across it. Talk about embarrassing -- especially for someone bathing in diamonds on the cover Ebony.

A source went on to tell the site, "NeNe is fronting, she’s living way beyond her means. NeNe spends $17K a month, and her home is about to go into foreclosure. She lost her Bentley and she’s about to lose her home too.”

Sounds bad, right? And not all that far-fetched when you consider some of the major financial problems we've seen other Housewives get into over the years. (Teresa and Joe Giudice, Sonja Morgan, Alexis and Jim Bellino ... to name a few)

The only problem with this juicy story is NeNe says it's totally false. She took to Twitter and blasted the rumors saying she has never even driven a Bentley much less owned one.

Still n the same house,still drive the same car, Still work on 3 shows!.....it's hard 4 people 2 b happy 4 ur SUCCESS

And really I think that Nene's haters are a much bigger problem for her than her finances. She has been incredibly successful, and between her TV roles and business ventures I don't doubt that she could afford a Bentley if she wanted one. I'm more inclined to believe her because she's such a straight shooter, and I think she'd tell us flat out if she was broke.

Now, I have to say that posing in a tub of diamonds and flaunting your wealth in people's faces isn't exactly the best way to endear some people to you. But that's NeNe, and being NeNe has gotten her where she is. So the haters can hate but they can't take away what she's earned. And if I was her, I might consider going out and buying a friggin' Bentley ... with cash.

 Do you think the problem here is NeNe's finances or her haters?


Image via Ebony

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Patti Marie McClure

I really love NeNe, she is one of the reasons I watch RHOA, however, money can't buy you class as the Countess tells us. It's much better to be "rich, bitch" in a much quieter way, that's class. Especially with so many people struggling these days financially.

nonmember avatar micki

i don't think I really care about the drag Queen(NeNe) she is just nasty, so she is rich so are alot other people who care about other people, she should take a class on manners. Really I don't care if she has a Bentley or not, I think she rides a BROOM.

Joanne Hester

I love Nene I am glad she is doing good, Only reason she made a point of  saying she was rich is because sheree and others were spreading rumors otherwise and look at them. Nene said the other day in an interview, yes i am rich and i don't just mean money, I have been blessed Go Nene

Mae Shirlie

If you casually watch that show and Nene drove a Bentley you would know it. If Nene mocved into a new home you would know it. Cameras are on her! Nene is the highest paid housewife. And she is a straight shooter. Sheree neeeds to let it go and stop hating. I miss reporters who do not investigate for a story. This one is easy to lo look into. Way to go Nene! You will never be able to control what haters do and say about you. Remember that and don't waste your time trying to do so.

Florence Robinson

Ne Ne isn't working 3 jobs now..Two of the shows she was working on have been cancelled so NE NE isn't the Rich Bitch any more.

trish... trishtucker


When was this article written? What 3 shows, 1 was cancelled, 1 she never appeared on  when they returned after the actor's suicide, I'm counting 1, RHOA..

A real rich person doesn't have to keep sreaming how rich they are, who is she trying to convince, I'm sure Kandi has more money then all of them, you don;t hear her talking about her money.

nonmember avatar Barb.

I really enjoyed Nene's calm and mellow attitude at the begging of the season. I thought she had been coached on how to show a softer side. A not so in your face kind of a person, but as the season progressed the old Nene came back. I like Nene she just need some coaching on how not to be so abrasive. As far as her being rich, I think she just got caught in the moment and everyone blew it way out of porportion. I think she knows she's not rich. She has just been blessed with some amazing opportinities.

Michele S. Howe

Nene is Nene's problem, She is yesterdays news for me...BLOOP!

Sandra Mutal Benezra

Nene is just so full of it since she came into a little money. I read somewhere that she is worth $4M. That is not rich Nene. The way you live and the way you spend money it will be gone before you know it. Who needs an 18 carat diamond when you can't afford to buy a house. From what I understand she is always renting her homes. Nene is going to learn the hard way that she has to realize that when you are stepping on people on your way up, they are the

same people you will see on your way down. Shame on you for trashing Cynthia. She was a real friend to you........you by the same token were never a real friend to her. Do you honestly think your profile is that pretty. The way you posed at the reunion was just plain foolish. You turned your head so only your profile was

shown, and then you looked into air and pointed your nose upwards.

Really Nene it doesn't smell any better up there than it does down here. If you think you are first class, you should also realize that sometimes "First Class is no Class" You just have new money

without having any humility.

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