rpatz gangnam styleYou know what's been missing from the "Gangnam Style" videos all this time? Robert Pattinson. Oh wait! Here he is! Finally, the mash-up of our dreams: Robert Pattinson stars in my very own "Gangnam Style" video. I CAN DIE NOW, YOU GUYS.

He fake horsey-rides in the stables! He splashes in the hot tub! He gallops across that weird apartment block square! He does the wave at the beach! He wears those uber-cool shades! (Actually, now that I spell it all out, the "Gangnam Style" video is starting to sound a lot like the hipster Green Eggs and Ham.) Anyway, needless to say, you are probably wondering at least one of two questions. HOW did I make this wonderful magic happen? And WHEN am I going to make another version starring Taylor Lautner?

You can make your very own "Gangnam" at JibJab.com. It's this whole easy process where you upload a jpeg of any image you like. I mean, if you wanted to, you could upload a picture of yourself. But who do you REALLY want to see do "Gangnam Style"? Come on, no one has to know. Or -- if you want -- everyone can know because you can share your video.

As for when I'll be doing a Taylor Lautner version, duh, never. Because there's no way to fix it so he's shirtless! Oh well. I'm also a little thrown by the mustache effect -- you'll see when you watch. Maybe that was just my mistake. But whatever. It's still a beautiful work of art. Check it out!

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Who do you want to see do "Gangnam Style"?


Image via Summit Entertainment and JibJab.com