'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Would Go to Jail for Ke$ha (VIDEO)

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Jenelle EvansOne of the most striking elements from this week's episode of Teen Mom was Jenelle Evans' abnormal obsession with singer Ke$ha. Look, I am no music snob, but a Ke$ha concert isn't a good reason to go to jail. And yet, Jenelle was willing to stay on probation, get in trouble for the pot violation, and be in far worse trouble just because she can't miss the Ke$ha concert.

OK then Jenelle. This is where the phrase "bad life choices" kind of comes into play. Because this life choice? Is bad. Ke$ha is a flash in the pan, someone you will be embarrassed to admit you liked in five years, but violating your probation is BAD. It's called responsibility for our actions. It sucks, but it's part of being an adult.

I am sure if I knew Jenelle in real life, I would want to mother her in a more nurturing way than she ever got from her mother. She has a very sweet, vulnerable side that always makes me root for her, but come ON. Ke$ha? Really? See her 2009 video below:

When Jenelle told her lawyer that she valued Ke$ha over just about anything, it was ... frightening. Here is how she put it:

Like no one understands how important this concert is to me. It's not just a concert. It's Ke$ha. It's the person. It's not 'Oh, I wanna go to a random concert.' It's Ke$ha, my idol.

Look, Ke$ha is fun. She is great to listen to on a run or in my car, but she is not worth jail time. She is not worth ruining my life or my child's life. This is just ridiculous.

I guess at a certain point, you just have to laugh. No blogger is going to fix Jenelle Evans or be her mommy during the critical time in her life when she so clearly needed someone to care for her.

She has problems that are real and profound, and she has opportunities she just squanders. It makes a person wonder what she will be like in a decade once Teen Mom is long behind her. My prediction is she will be in much the same spot as she is right now only with another kid or two. And no cameras will even care.

It's sad. But hey. She'll always have Ke$ha.

Do you think Jenelle's obsession with Ke$ha is weird?


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Ang9403 Ang9403

She's an idiot. 

craft... craftycatVT

Of course it's not weird! That is a completely normal obsession for a 13 yr old girl!

ghost... ghostbaby

What a dumb ass. I hope she does jail time. Stupid people like her need it.

Michelle Tribble

Really?! I thought she'd be a fan of a more 'tortured' artist. 

Sara Noelle

Not that I disagree with you that the Ke$ha fixation is silly and juvinile, but the only thing the concert had to with anything is that she was about to choose to stay on probation because of it, but then her PO drug tested her and she failed again so it didn't matter what she had chosen. She had already violated her probation. Even if she had decided she was going to skip the concert and do the jail time, she still would have been randomly drug tested and sent to jail. 

Jessica Lynn Voss

Why can't she just focus on her child?

Amy Jean

I think jenelle in general is weird and she doesnt give a crap about her son at all and I knew when I read the article about her changing her life around was nothing but a lie she will never change

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