Teresa Giudice May Divorce Joe After the Holidays -- It’s a Christmas Miracle!

teresa giudiceIf this rumor is true, it'll be the smartest thing Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giuidice has ever done. Radaronline is reporting that Tre is getting ready to divorce that ass-hat husband of hers, Joe Giudice, when the holiday season winds down. Apparently, she's sick of his name calling and cheating, which, you know, duh. If she wasn't offended by it, we'd have real problems.

Anyway, Teresa will reportedly keep on a happy face for Christmas and will dress her four daughters in the biggest red and green hair bows money can buy, then dump Joe come January. It's what the holidays are all about!

No, but seriously, leaving Joe would be the most intelligent thing Teresa's done to date. That man-child is so repulsive on the show, on which he knows he's being filmed for national TV, that I can't imagine what he's like behind closed doors.

Sidebar -- can anyone out there make a montage of Joe Giudice saying "who cares?" I'd really love to see that. End sidebar.

Plus, getting a divorce would do wonders for Teresa's "career." If appealing to any ounce of sanity left in her brain won't convince her to leave Joe, maybe money will. A divorce will give her an opportunity to sell more stories to tabloids, to get paid for posing for magazine covers. A divorce might even lend itself to a full-on book deal and, if she's lucky, maybe even a Bravo spin-off.

And if she's really enterprising, she could turn her split into a new cookbook: Fabalini Single Mom Cooking for Four Kidilistas! or, Cocktails for the Newly Divocilistas!

Bottom line, let's hope this divorce is going to happen. It would be such a wonderful Christmas miracle to hear that Teresa finally pulled the trigger.

Do you think Teresa should divorce Joe?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Um lets see, I'm thinking, Well maybe, But then again. Oh who am I Kidding HELL YES

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Divorce is never good. Whether or not you think she should get a divorce, you're not in the situation.  bad

Flori... Floridamom96

Wow. I agree with Pinkmani. Will wonders never cease? ;()

Marianne D'anna

i would've divorced him along time ago he's nothing but a worthless piece of shit

Maria Foster

The divorce is going to hurt her kids for the rest of their lives.  Living with their dad and watching him treat their mom like crap will also teach them that it's ok for a man to treat them that way too, so either way the kids are the ones who suffer.  It's a sad situation any way you look at it.  Personally I would rather teach my girls that a man needs to respect me and them and get counseling for the hurt that the divorce is going to cause....

nonmember avatar Linda

Hate the way he talks to her and the girls,telling them to shut up omg get away fast while u can save ur girls

Linda King


Carol Turgeon Lamprey

He deserves a kick to the curb and good riddens jerk! Those kids are better off without all that drama. I feel really bad for them, because children are the casualty .surrender

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