Meet Mia Goth, Shia LaBeouf’s New Teenage Girlfriend

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Remember that time when Shia LaBeouf announced that he had signed up for a new movie and that it would contain real sex scenes? Ya know, like with real sex? And then he and his longtime girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, were spotting arguing on a street corner and she was crying but they claimed it had nothing -- noooooooothing -- to do with the fact that he'd be, like, having real sex with another real woman in a real movie? Well, forget all that. Because Shia has dumped his girlfriend and is reportedly living with the actress, Mia Goth, whom he has real sex with in his (appropriately titled?) new movie, Nymphomaniac. Hm, talk about method acting. Oh yeah, and the new girlfriend is still a teenager.

Okay, okay, it's not as bad as all that. Mia, who is mostly known as a model, is 19. So that's practically an adult. At least legally. (Shia is 26.)

And apparently he and Karolyn broke up a few months ago, according to sources. Er, yah, like maybe right around the time he told her he was going to have real sex with his costar? That'd be about the time I'd give him his walking papers, anyway.

So who is this Mia chick? A source says:

[Shia and Mia] have similar interests, they love alternative music, thrift stores and she is edgy and funny, which Shia loves.

And, um, they get to have sex together. For reals. On screen and off. So that's a plus. Not to mention that their names rhyme. Hey, Shia, Mia! Mia, no, I meant Shia. Shia, hey, no you, Mia! And they're combo name could be something like Shmia. Which is no Brangelina, but still.

But maybe we can't blame this whole thing on Shia having, um, real sex with a real girl who is not his real girlfriend. A source told Radar Online:

Shia and Karolyn had a volatile relationship and it came to a head just before he began filming Nymphomaniac.

Which makes sense? Because he's about to go bang another broad? For a movie? But who am I to judge.

Would you let your boyfriend have sex with another woman -- if it was alllll for a movie?

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LET?As long as people are grown and have their own brain I don't think you can say ye or nay on the matter especially if you don't have papers on each other. Let?Hah,you are a funny lady Kiri.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

I think what she meant was would you continue the relationship. And for me? If it was a bf, no way. If it was my dh, we'd 've going for some major marriage counseling.

Felly... FellyScarlett

I hate to be THAT person, but his ex is freakin hot...if I was a dude I'd never dump her!

nonmember avatar chilichowder

To be honest, I probably wouldn't be comfortable with my S/O being in a movie like that where he'd have non-simulated sex with another woman. I know it's "only acting" but I wouldn't like it one bit. It's already too often that costars end up developing a relationship while acting as a couple on screen that I wouldn't want to take chances.

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