Camille Grammer's Total Spousal Support Is Totally Insane

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Camille GrammerThe divorce between Real Housewives star Camille Grammer and her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer just keeps getting uglier. The latest news is that they are fighting over who gets to live in one of their amazing mansions they previously had on the market. Somehow, in the midst of this fight, it was revealed that Camille gets $41,000 a month in spousal and child support from Kelsey. Does that seem excessive to anyone else?

I love Camille and I know that she sacrificed a lot to be the mother of Kelsey's children and that he left her high and dry. Or, um, at least that's the way Real Housewives shows it. But still. That is WAY more money than any one person -- even one person with two kids -- really needs. It's excessive and it makes women look bad.

Spousal support shouldn't be a lifelong crutch. It should be something that a woman (or man, I guess) gets for a limited amount of time and it should never, ever be $41,000 a month. Sorry. That's just wrong.

The whole notion that a woman (or man) is entitled to live the same lifestyle they lived BEFORE the divorce is sort of asinine when you really consider it, no? I mean, why? Why should a person live the way they did BEFORE a divorce after a divorce when the only reason they ever had that lifestyle was marriage?

Marriage is a partnership and all women and men sacrifice for that partnership, but it's also vital to maintain some independence. Love and companionship are wonderful. But they aren't guarantees. No one person, man or woman, should rest on their laurels and assume they are taken care of for life. That's not what marriage is about.

We need to move on from this idea of "marrying well" and understand that both women and men are responsible for their own financial health.

If Camille wants to make $41,000 a month (or whatever the spousal support portion of that is), then she really ought to find a way to make that. Sorry, but them's the breaks.

If we are going to call ourselves equal, then we are going to have to take equal responsibility for our financial health and not count on marriage to provide it.

Do you think spousal support makes sense?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I agree- that is a disgusting amount. What some people wouldn't give to get that (and live comfortably) for a YEAR!

Flori... Floridamom96

Yes! Yes! Yes! Right on, Sasha!

nonmember avatar Mandy

I remember hearing that he was broke when he married Camille. She was the one that cleaned up their finances and made him in such a strong financial situation. I wonder if it is really just spousal support or is it also monies that she is receiving from her half of the community property.

bills... billsfan1104

I dont think its any of your business what people get for child support or spousal support. She gets that amount because that is what the courts awarded, based off his income

Why dont you bitch about the lifetime welfare recipients that drain our system? Why arent you telling them to get jibs?

Amanda Crawley Strasburg

In Camille's case (at least how it looks on TV), Kelsey left her for another woman.  She had no choice in whether or not her marriage ended-why should she have to pay financially for that?

nonmember avatar blh

spousal and child support is based on an individuals income, so yes that is absolutely fair.

Laurlev Laurlev

Huh, I actually agree with billsfan.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Billsfan is right. Child support is a simple calculation, and alimony considers income and her contribution to the family and in his career. It is not excessive given their assets and income.

nonmember avatar jess

I think she deserves this and more! He only has this money because of her. She cleaned up all his finances, made all of their investments and handles all the monies in their marriage. He was broke when they married. Also, she was partners with him in most of his business ventures during their marriage, so why not get income off of companies that are half hers?

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