'DWTS' Finale Recap: Winner Expects to Lose & Gets the Shock of Her Life

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While it was super exciting to finally learn who won the Dancing With the Stars All-Star season tonight, seeing the show come to an end was also very bittersweet.

Something about this season has been different from all the rest, and not just because past contestants came back for another spin around the dance floor. The All-Star performers brought more competition, more emotion, more talent, and quite honestly, more pure entertainment than DWTS has ever seen, and Monday nights just won't be the same from here on out (until the next season rolls around, of course).

But all good things must come to an end, and every competition can only have one winner. Things really came down to the wire tonight for Kelly Monaco, Shawn Johnson, and Melissa Rycroft -- and it was their final instant dance routines that ultimately decided their fate.

After watching all three performances, I definitely knew who was going to win in the end. Oh c'mon, it was SO obvious -- especially after it was announced that Kelly and Val had landed in third place. (Boo.)

I actually called the winner last night -- and I was right.

While Shawn and Melissa were both amazing this season, one of them simply deserved the win more -- because she worked her ass off for it, and from the start of the All-Star season to the end, she progressed and improved the entire way.

Drum roll please -- Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani won Dancing With the Stars. The mirror ball trophy is officially theirs!

OMG. I'm SO happy for her -- not gonna lie, I got a little bit emotional when she won. (It must be a mom thing.)

And wasn't it cute to see not only how overjoyed she was, but how shocked she seemed at the news that she'd actually won? I really think she anticipated losing to Shawn, and had already prepared herself for second place. It just goes to show that every single dance and every single vote on DWTS counts -- and bringing her A-game every week was obviously the perfect strategy for Melissa.

Are you happy that Melissa was crowned this season's winner?


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Colleen Brennan

I am THRILLED that Tony and Melissa won! America did the right thing!

Celeste Overby

Oh Heck Yes! I wanted them to when their first time around. So happy for them. They deserve it. 


Barbara White

Shawn and Derek should have won. In Fact Melissa didn't even belong in this season this season was for champions the best of the best she was not a winner therefore should not have been here


nonmember avatar john kauss

Never heard of her....I'd love to know how the producers of this show define "star," especially since most of the pros are more widely known and recognizable than the majority of the "stars" they partner....what a farce!

ilove... ilovemy4kiddies

Melissa was by far the best dancer there. So happy she won! 

Donna Reddick Weiss

Yes. She should have won the first time she was on there. Glad Tony got a good partner he seems to get iffy ones in the past except Melissa. Yay.

nonmember avatar Kelly D

Extremely happy Melissa won. I hoped her and Shawn would be final two and would have been happy for either.

It was nice for Melissa to win considering neither her or Tony have ever won 1 st.

And for the imbecile who said Melissa shouldn't even be there b/c it was for past champions , dumas , neither were a lot of the other celebrities.

They'd have to have EVERY winner from EVERY season COMMIT to do all stars for that to happen .. What'd ya think those chances would be ?? Slim to none most likely.

So what DWTS did was get as many TOP 3+ FINALISTS ( which Melissa was) to commit , then asked back popular / controversial people back .

*FYI Some people should be banned from posting comments based on age and stupidity ( which go together anyway I guess ) !

Pat Knight

Congrats to Melissa and Tony!  They did an awesome job.  Everyone was great.  I don't like the implication that one worked harder than the others.  They all worked hard so try to lose that comment.

nonmember avatar nikki

Real Classy Kelly D, I guess that would include banning you.

Michael Holmes

I wish people would stop haten melissa to win if she wasn't a star she is a STAR now!

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