'That '70s Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested AGAIN & the Mugshots Keep Getting Worse (PHOTOS)

Lisa Robin KellyNovember 2012Back in the day, I was incredibly jealous of Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie, the sexy older sister of Eric Foreman on That '70s Show. She was so pretty, and though not all that bright, she sure could rock a pair of bell bottoms. These days, however, it's mugshots she's racking up ... and they're not so pretty.

The latest one above was taken last night after the 42-year-old was reportedly busted for assaulting a man, identified as her husband. He was arrested too after an incident at their home in which TMZ reports that they allegedly assaulted one another. Apparently no drugs or alcohol were involved, but things must have been pretty bad to get to this level ... AGAIN.

That's right, the same thing happened back in March, which brought us this second in the series of her mugshots that seem to be getting progressively worse.


Lisa Robin Kelly
March 2012

It's a close call between this one and the new one, but I'm going to say the most recent is the worst of all. Her eyes definitely look a little more deranged here and her hair is crazy in the latter two, but she just looks so defeated in the recent one.

Finally we have this one from 2010 when she was busted for DUI. At the time she was 40, and we were shocked at how drastically different she looked from back in her smokin' days. But compared to now, she almost looks good here, no?

Lisa Robin KellyDecember 2010

Clearly she's had some troubles, and mugshots are rarely kind to anyone (unless you're Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton), but this is a pretty rough assortment of photos for anyone to accumulate. Hopefully she'll get some help and/or clean up her act before we can fill an entire album with them.

Are you shocked at how Lisa Robin Kelly has changed over the years? Any votes for best mugshot?


Images via Iredell County Detention Center, Lost Hills Station Patrol, Mecklenburg County

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tuffy... tuffymama

That's horrible. We all have free will and it is disappointing that some of us exercise it to stay in toxic situations like it seems she has done. She looks 62, not 42. Still, it isn't too late for her to turn her life around.

Karma Grant

The date on the bottom one says December 2012. Think you need an edit.


nonmember avatar FunKyChick

Ok, i never thought she was that cute. When That 70's Show first came on in 1998, she was 28 playing a 20 year old. I thought she looked bad back then.

nonmember avatar mrscas

She looks like a doper and a drunk. She needs to get clean or she will have an early death.

Eric Finn

Meth is a hell of a drug!!!

Bruce M Jaqua

That definitely looks like the face of meth.  What a shame.

nonmember avatar Bonzo

It's Meth. Look at how it's changed her face.

A J MacDonald Jr

See: http://www.picsdrive.com/contentimages/lisa-robin-kelly/lisa-robin-kelly-picture-1.jpg

nonmember avatar Ace Arcane

Am I d only 1 who thinks she still kinda hot,especially 4 a 40 something year old? Is that weird?

Jeanne Mclemore

People have problems. all of us. leave this lady alone! I'm sure none of us are incident of our own embarassing moments. She will work her problems out. Stop being so judgmental people.

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