'Superman' Henry Cavill May Have Already Ruined His Chances of Playing Christian Grey

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henry cavillIan Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, and Matt Bomer may all have their wild fan followings campaigning for each to snag the lead role in the incredibly anticipated and totally uncast Fifty Shades of Grey film, but let's not forget the soon-to-be next Superman Henry Cavill, who will star as the classic superhero in Man of Steel, due out in June 2013. He's also got quite the spirited fan base rooting for his shot at playing Christian Grey. But as good a case as all those Fifty Shades fan trailers starring Henry make for him to be cast as Christian, I'm not quite sure they're enough to do the trick.

That's not to say that Henry isn't necessarily interested in the role ...

When Details asked whether or not he had heard anything about casting, he replied:

Whether that happens, that decision will be made at the time it has to be made. It would be a very different kind of thing than Man of Steel.

Well, yeah, of course it would! And it's hard to tell how he feels about that. But I'm guessing I already know how casting directors will feel ...

Sorry to say, but scoring Superman means he just can't win the Christian Grey gig. If Man of Steel does well, we'll associate him with that role and have difficulty seeing him play Christian -- especially so soon thereafter. And if it does poorly, he'll lack the star power I'm guessing producers are going to want their leading man to have. Not to mention that they may fear he's box office poison -- especially so soon after Man of Steel's premiere. See, it's a catch-22.

Then again, you never know with Hollywood. Henry could make us all fall head over heels for him next summer ... and some Universal exec will assume the actor will have the same powers at the box office in Fifty Shades! Guess only time will tell if Superman ends up playing the super-sexy BDSM-obsessed billionaire.

Do you think Henry Cavill would make the perfect Christian Grey or should he stick to Superman?


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Gabriela Machado

the only reason I even read the books was picturing Henry Cavill naked etc

Tracy Tanner

To me he is the best looking of all the others mentioned so far!  and I like the trailer too :)


Marta Pirnat

totally agree Henry Cavill is perfect to play Christian Grey... when I read the books it is HIM that I see as Christian... he is the best candidate for the role and hope that EL James see that too!

Melissa Glancy

I think he is the perfect choice!!

nonmember avatar vs

Handsome but takes himself far too seriously, and it shows in his acting - rigid, wooden. He's yet to star in a movie that hasn't bombed so I don't get it. Relax, Henry.

Annie... Anniegrace

Wait, who are you to say that scoring Superman means he can't play Christian? This article is so opinionated. Daniel Radcliffe filmed Harry Potter for 9 years while doing other projects and doing Broadway at the same time and wasn't associated as "Harry Potter" through the others. Henry made it very clear that he is considering the role by his response about playing the part to Details Magazine. He's a great actor and physically is the best match. He was Stephenie Meyer's original pick for Edward but he was too old for the part at the time, so it's only natural that he play Christian since Fifty Shades started as Twilight fan fiction. Henry is the best choice for Christian Grey, hands down! His Dunhill commercials and previous roles show he's much more suitable and "Christian Grey" than the other names out there. 

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