Did Chris Brown 'Verbally Rape' Comedian Jenny Johnson?

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Chris Brown's verbal sparring with comedian Jenny Johnson on Twitter, which caused him to quit the social media network, continues to make waves. On The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck called Brown's tweets "verbal rape."

Whoopi Goldberg disagreed, saying that it was verbal assault, not rape. Verbal assault? Verbal rape? Isn't this sort of diminishing actual rape? Can you really verbally rape someone?! Let's look more closely at what Chris said to Jenny. Make sure your kids aren't near the pooter ...

Sooooo once Jenny got the ball rolling, telling Chris he was a "piece of shit," Chris began lambasting her. (For the record, Jenny gave back as good as she got but managed to keep it a tad classier.)

Here's what he said:

- Take those teeth out when u sucking my d*ck, ho

- Mom says hello ... she told me not to shart in your mouth, wanted me to s**t right on the retina

- I should fart while you're giving me top

Now, none of this was exactly nice. But Jenny HAS been sending out scathing tweets to Chris Brown for at least two years. Maybe he just got fed up? Not that I'm defending him, because nothing could ever erase his doucheness. But let's just say his verbal attack (rape?) wasn't entirely unprovoked. But can you provoke verbal rape? Is that victim blaming? Is that the equivalent of telling young girls not to wear "slutty outfits" or they might get assaulted? I'm so confused.

I think the problem here is that Jenny Johnson, who is a self-described "asshole," is scathing but undeniably witty. Chris Brown, who has no wit, had to fight back with the only tools he has: brutality and crassness. So this was an unfair fight from the beginning. He may have stronger arms than Rihanna, but he has a much weaker tongue than Jenny.

Do you think there is such a thing as "verbal rape"?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

that's the stupidest bunch of bs i have ever heard. 'verbal rape'? 'verbal assault'? sounds to me like jenny dished it, chris brown came back with some (rather immature) comebacks himself, the end. or, how about we not give any attention to people who are "self proclaimed assholes" then cry about getting picked on? what's that old phrase..? "if you can't take the heat, stay outta the kitchen!" she walked in that kitchen, turned on the stove and started a meal... now sit down and finish it.

nonmember avatar Day

@dirtiekittie I agree 100%

curly... curlygirl31

Real rape hurts so much more tham these rediculous tweets

Felly... FellyScarlett

She shouldn't have made herself look like a dumb ass by tweeting him in the first place, since Rhianna clearly doesn't want her help. But Chris Brown really should learn how to respond to haters with a little class. His words are amazingly immature.

jkm89 jkm89

Verbal rape...now that's just ridiculous.

Gd Young

my concern is the economy, ridding gangs, and educating kids. Chris was provoked, but he has to learn to control himself, someone is always talking about you.

nonmember avatar Claire

Absolutely fabulous article. THIS is why I love the Stir. Thought-provoking to say the least. Thank you for sharing.

As for the questions you ask... I have no clue as well! But your article certainly got me thinking about it in a way I never have before...

Thanks for sharing! You're brilliant

nonmember avatar Shawnee

Hasselbeck has got to be the dumbest, most ignorant, simple chick on television. Would someone please fire her??? The extent of the hate for Chris Brown has always amazed me. This just goes to show people WANT and ENJOY hating him. He doesn't not stand in a class of his own for what he did. Why is it that the world can't let him move on. Everyone wants to focus on his wrong doing but I think the hate surrounding him says more about the state of everyone else in this world than him...Just hateful. It sickens me. 4 years later and this man can't have any peace. It's a good thing all the people who hate him aren't in his position because then we would know he isn't as bad as they think because I'm sure they would behave much worse. I can't imagine being targeted as much as he has and being able to keep making music and having to face the world the way he has while still holding onto some positivity. Most people would have broken down a long time ago. I believe all the hate is securing his success because God does not like this hateful mess. To everyone holding onto or spewing out all this hate for Chris, congratulations you let someone else's wrong make you just as guilty if not more in the sight of God. i think it's amazing that people aren't pushing for her to have some consequences to her harrassment because that is exactly what it is. If I were Chris I would press charges.

Melissa List

Hasselback hasn't been fired because the network ENJOYS the publicity the show gets for her idiotic comments. Sad. 

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