Third Elmo Accuser Says Kevin Clash Got Him Drunk & Sexually Abused Him at 16


Kevin Clash ElmoI'm sure we all figured that the drama for longtime Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash would fade away after he turned in his resignation with Sesame Workshop, but unfortunately it seems like his troubles are only getting worse. After already facing claims of underage sexual activity from two different men, a third accuser has come forward to sue Clash, saying that he and Clash engaged in sexual activity when the accuser was 16 in 2000.

This increasingly sordid situation with Kevin Clash is reminding me quite a bit of John Travolta's massage therapist scandal. As in, it kind of seems like people are crawling out of the woodwork to jump on the litigation train -- but at the same time, I'm not confident Clash is completely innocent of any bad behavior.

The recap of events to date: Clash's original accuser, a man named Sheldon Stephens, claimed he was 16 when Clash had sex with him, but recanted his story after reportedly receiving a $125,000 settlement from Clash. Stephens then said he was pressured into the settlement, and renewed his claims. (Can you say holding out for more cash? I knew you could!)

Last week, 24-year-old Cecil Singleton said that he and Clash had inappropriate contact when Singleton was 15, and filed a lawsuit for more than $5 million in damages.

Today, the same lawyer who is representing Singleton has a new client, an as-yet unidentified accuser, now 29, who says that he met Clash on a gay chat service about 13 years ago before getting together at Clash's apartment. Clash then reportedly plied him with alcohol before engaging in sexual contact that included "oral sex and digital penetration of [John Doe's] anus."

For an extra classy added touch, John Doe's lawyer says his client (the third accuser) (I know, this is getting confusing) has been writing a book describing his experience with Clash, and that pages from the book will be available at a press conference today to announce the lawsuit.

Now, I have no earthly idea what's true and what isn't in this whole mess. It certainly sounds shady as hell at this point -- when people flip-flop on settlements and lawyers start taking on multiple anonymous clients, it starts feeling a lot less about justice and a lot more about money.

But just like the John Travolta craziness, it's hard to not believe there's a kernel of truth in these stories. Maybe it's just that Clash liked younger men and engaged in perfectly legal but possibly ill-advised relationships with them. Maybe it's something more. At any rate, I'm glad he chose to step away from Sesame Street, because it may be a while before all of this is over ... and no one wants Elmo to be collateral damage.

Are you surprised to hear there's a third accuser against Kevin Clash? Do you think any of these lawsuits have merit?

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nonmember avatar Abby

I'm sorry, but does anyone else think it's odd that these people were on chat's aimed for gay relations? Yet say it was all against their will? I mean...they agreed to meet him, agreed to drink...

miche... micheledo

I think some more respect needs to be shown to the 'victims.'  Instead of dragging them under the bus, calling them names, making fun of them - for just a little bit, let's assume they are telling the truth.  (Not necessarily aimed at the writer of this blog - but at all the other blogs and comments I have been reading about this situation).

I don't know the law, but there is a pretty good chance that the statute of limitations is past for these victims to go to the police.  It seems questionable since they are all suing for money, but IF they can't get justice in court, this may be their only option.

Anyway - it's sad.  No matter what you believe.  These young men need a lot of help/encouragement whether they are lying or telling the truth.  

I just hate to think that it all turns out to be true - and then think about the extremely unkind things said about the young men.  I would be miserable if that were my child.  :(  Finally speaking up about what happened to him and then being mocked, belittled, and hated instead of helped and supported.

dirti... dirtiekittie

ok, i don't know any better than anyone else what happened... but this is all just screaming "free money!" to me from guys he may have hooked up with in the past (of age or not, whose to say? i don't know, i wasn't there). what strikes me is that this new victim claims he met him on a gay chat service when he was 15. those services are for 18 and up only. so would it not be within the realm of possibility that this kid lied about his age then, and just now realized - oh hey, a payday for me! this is all so ridiculous, and i hope the truth, whatever it may be, comes to light soon enough.

tnyangel tnyangel

I am very suspect on this one. This is not Sandusky. There have been no prior reports or independent witnesses come forward. Just any gay guy that met Elmo has a claim against this man. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

I feel the majority of this is fishy...I am sorry but those guys were 16 years old and knew better. I knew quite a few girls when I was a teen who told guys they were 19 when in fact they were 16-17 and for sure looked older than that. These guys were around 21 and 22...who is really the victim here?

Karma Grant

I agree, dirtiekittie, that's what I was thinking too and it's just disgusting if that's what happened. There are enough real abuse cases in the world, we don't need money grubbers piling on bs cases.

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