Jenelle Evans Should Be Worried About Her Fiance’s Seriously Messed Up Tattoo (PHOTO)

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courtand rogers

If I had two guns tattooed on my stomach pointing down at my groin, I don't think I'd want to ruin the aesthetic of the gorgeous, self-expressionist "art piece" (or should I say, artful pieces?) on my abdomen with another, wordier tattoo. Courtland Rogers would disagree. The 20-year-old, who's engaged to Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, got "Almost Famous" inked below the glocks on his belly.


Unless this dude is some millennial cinephile with a penchant for flicks with a '70s theme, I'm going to go ahead and assume that his new tattoo has nothing to do with the 2001 Cameron Crowe flick and everything to do with how he sees his life with Jenelle.

It's no secret that the Teen Moms are public figures. Their lives have provided not only a TV show, but article after article, just like this one, about their goings on. Much like a car accident on the side of the road that's stopped traffic for hours on end, people are so bored from the sitting and the staring that they've convinced themselves they're interested and invested in what's going on to the side of their lives, and they can't look away.

That blasé curiosity is what's thrusted Jenelle and her co-stars onto the covers of tabloids and into our living rooms every night of the week during re-runs. So yeah, they probably think they're famous.

And so might their boyfriends or fiances or baby daddies or friends of friends. The people in the Teen Moms' lives become almost famous, and I bet Courtland likes that.

If I were Jenelle, I'd be worried that's what he likes most about the relationship. I mean, he's evidently so into being almost famous that he got that tattooed inches above his penis. Jenelle, though, doesn't seem to mind. She thanked the tattoo artist on Facebook for a job well done.

Perhaps their next tattoos can stay within the Almost Famous family. "I'm on drugs!" might be appropriate.

What do you think?


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teen mom


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nonmember avatar pissedoff

I hate this teen mom she's so stupid and immature. Like grow up. I hate watching her on the show, how she always closes the door on her son and leaves him just so she can go get high or get laid. Hopefully this Guy will be famous for using her,and dumping her

Spooky80 Spooky80

this tattooo looks horrible and ugly and I'm sure it means he's "almost famous" being with jenelle i think courtland is white trailer trash on some serious drugs 

nonmember avatar San

Glock doe not make revolvers. Lack of facts

Kristi Dwelis

You said it Pissedoff. I can't stand her. 

Jennifer Kelley

I think that everyone is worked up over nothing. How do you know this is what the tattoo meant? Did you ask him? I can think of different reasons to get this tattoo and one huge one is it is a song. There are also song lyrics that follow this. So maybe that is why he got the tattoo. Maybe we should ask him instead of just judging!

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Jennifer Kelley- you're reading a story from, The Stir. Written by an author who decided to incorrectly use the term, glocks, in a story where none are involved. There is no mention of the term, glocks, in the article she obtained her information from- so this was her own terminology. You can't really expect much from people who don't even take the time do research their work before publishing it for the masses.

Chris... Christinet627

It looks like it says "Alnost Famous".

Torra... TorranceMom

Those aren't Glocks, just plain old revolvers.

nonmember avatar Mandi G

I love that it says Alnost Fanous! Shows his intelligence level.

Abbey Weisshaar

This is what happens when they quit teaching cursive in school...Alnost Fanous...seriously? And I don't think these people realize there is a difference between being "famous" and "infamous". 

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