Gabriel Aubry Shows Off Bloody & Beaten Face in Attempt to Play the Victim Card (VIDEO)

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Gabriel AubryWhat started out as a pretty cut-and-dry fight between two dudes on Thanksgiving day is really turning out to be a drama-filled blame game, as Gabriel Aubry is now saying Olivier Martinez threatened his life during their scuffle at Halle Berry's house. And just look -- he's even got the bloody and bruised face to prove it.

In a legal statement, he apparently said that Olivier told him that he would kill him if he didn't move to Paris. I guess Olivier and Halle are hoping to relocate and want Aubry to come along for the ride to make the whole custody thing with Nahla a bit easier. (Or at least that sounds like the case.)

And Aubry's claims of Olivier being a not-so-nice-guy don't end there, because he also says that on the day before Thanksgiving, Olivier ran into him at a play at Nahla's school and said, "[I wish I] could beat the sh-- out of you right now. You're lucky we're in school right now. We're going to take Nahla right now and you're not going to follow us."

Huh. Really? He really said that? Because it sounds just a little bit extreme -- almost like the statement was made up. Hmm.

And if Olivier really said that, then his other reported comment made to Aubry during the fight completely contradicts the "you're not going to follow us" part. (I'm getting confused.)

Something sounds fishy, all right -- and it's easy to see what really seems to be going on here. Yep, Gabriel is trying as hard as he can to play the victim card, because he's well aware that everyone perceives him as the bad guy right now.

Take the initial reported details of the fight, for example. Supposedly Gabriel started the whole thing by pushing Olivier and trying to punch him, and then Martinez finally fought back in self defense after he was thrown to the ground.

And let's not forget that Aubry was the one who wound up being arrested, and then Halle was granted a protective order against him.

Oh yeah, and then we heard that child services is getting involved to investigate a previous abuse claim made by Halle saying that Gabriel pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla.

Yeah, I'd say Gabriel appears to be the bad guy for sure, and it's pretty obvious that he's willing to do whatever it takes to change things around and shift the negative spotlight over to Olivier instead. Yes, he sustained injuries too, but it's going to take a lot more than a few grotesque pictures to determine what really happened during the fight.

Regardless of how nasty things are between him and Halle, I'm sure he loves Nahla very much and doesn't want to lose custody of her -- so he's willing to pull out all the stops to make sure he remains a big part of her life.

You can hear more about Gabriel's newest claims against Olivier and see the extent of his injuries from their fight in this video clip.

Who do you think is to blame for the trouble between Gabriel and Olivier?


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KAV1970 KAV1970

I never thought Gabriel was the bad guy. Just look at the Mom's life, how many unsteady, abusive relationships she has been in....the only one that never looked abusive was the one with Gabriel. She doesn't want him in this child's life, it has nothing to do with "what's best for the child". After having had to go through something similar myself I feel really bad for Gabriel. No matter what he does he's painted as the bad guy, when it's really the other party that's wacko

cmjaz cmjaz

There's supposed to be security footage of what happened. I wonder if its been erased by now?

dirti... dirtiekittie

i kind of agree with @kav. my initial reaction when the whole custody war thing started with these two wasn't necessarily that he was a bad guy. in fact, iirc, the whole allegation with the nanny shoving didn't come out until they were fighting over custody already anyway.

i look at it this way: real, everyday people get into custody battles that get ugly and heated all the time. there's always three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. i just hope that their little girl doesn't end up all kinds of screwed up because of this ridiculous drama. in truth, if Halle Berry *and* Gabriel Autry both really wanted what was best for their daughter, they'd grow the heck up and act like responsible parents instead of fighting like idiot high schoolers.

Flori... Floridamom96

Yeah, Gabriel is one victim, Nahla is the true victim. Women all the time attempt to erase the men they wish weren't the fathers of their children from their lives. That's exactly what Halle Berry is trying to do. There are no lengths she won't go to to get rid of Gabriel Aubry. She clearly views him as nothing more than fly in her soup. How anyone can look at how badly Gabriel was beaten, the injuries to Olivier's hand and the lack of injuries to Gabriel's hands and view him as the aggressor is beyond me.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I didn't know you were there?? Anyways... Halle Berry is the lunatic in this whole thing... From crappy relationship to another and a hit an run accident... She crazy... Maybe the courts should look into all of this...


@Floridamom:I hadn't even thought of that!One has a messed up hand and one has a jacked up face.Olivier had no business at the hand off.

nonmember avatar Reggie51

Gabriel Aubry was not arrested by the authorities--Olivier Martinez made a citizen's arrest. They are completely different things. Aubry has not been charged with any crime at this point, and it is up to the police/DA to do that. Reporting to INS and CPS is mandatory in cases such as these-reporting does not mean that any findings will be made. It's highly suspect that someone so concerned with safety that she had to move to France had security cameras that were "repositioned" at the time of the incident. It's obvious who you favor in this matter, but irresponsible to report it the way you have.

Florence Blantz

The child is clearly the victim here, and Gabriel is one too.  It's so obvious Halle Berry just wants to move to France and have the child to herself and Olivier.  If they don't get their way this time, I hate to think what they'll come up with next.  Probably sexual-abuse allegations.

nonmember avatar Liz

Where have you been getting your information? I've read through the comments on a few different articles and a large majority of people seem to believe Aubry. Oh and exactly what Floridamom said! I'm so sick of woman thinking that if they decide to end a relationship, they can severe the ties between their child(ren) and their child(ren)'s father. It's terrible.

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