'DWTS' Recap: Shawn Johnson's Big Risk May be Her Biggest Regret

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Shawn Johnson Derek HoughIt's hard to believe that this season of Dancing With the Stars is about to come to a close, and boy -- did the remaining three contestants go out with a bang or what?

The super-sized freestyle routines were totally off the charts tonight, and all three ladies brought everything they had to the table and proved even further that they deserve to be competing in the finals.

Let's start with Kelly Monaco -- how freakin' awesome was it to watch her and Val Chmerkovskiy bring that epic scene from Dirty Dancing to the ballroom? (God I love those two. And they'd better be dating, because I might cry if they aren't.)

And Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani's routine was nothing short of incredible. That girl is solid as a rock, and she was definitely born to dance. (And don't even get me started on her buff post-baby bod. Yes, I'm kinda jealous.)

Lastly, Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough delivered a freestyle that made the judges go wild and had the audience cheering -- though Len's comments about the performance being "unexpected" seemed a bit off. Um, wouldn't you kind of expect an Olympic gymnast to include her teammates in her routine and do a bunch of fancy flips and stuff? (I'm just sayin'.)

But while Shawn and Derek's freestyle earned a perfect score, choosing to do their quirky quick step as their repeat dance of the season turned out to be a pretty big mistake -- and also earned them the lowest scores of the night. And I know they like to take risks and all that, but choosing to do the exact same routine and break hold, which disappointed the judges the first time they did it, wasn't a very smart move.

They probably would've tied Melissa and Tony for 1st place if they'd followed the rules, and odds are good that they're really regretting choosing to break the rules now. (Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.)

And as for who will win the mirror ball trophy tomorrow night? My votes went to Kelly and Val and I'm praying to the DWTS gods that they pull off a win. But if they don't wind up as king and queen of the ball, my gut tells me they'll lose to Melissa and Tony -- not Shawn and Derek.

Who are you voting for tonight?


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Sharon Pourner Voss

Is anybody else having trouble getting through on voting for Tony and Melissa? I CANNOT get through :(

Cheryl A. Miller

I had no problems getting through to vote tonight, none at all


Beverly Denny

I voted on line......I split my vote between Melissa and Shawn.  I think it was a mistake to do the exact same dance again they could have kept parts of it and done some new steps.....I think it will probably be the reason why they don't win.  I think it now it will come down to Melissa and Kelly with Melissa winning this time. 

Charlotte Tyree

Kelly and Val got all my votes.


amber... amberdotsmom

The Dirty Dancing scene was awesome?  I thought it showed complete lack of originality, it was more suited to a movie theme night than a freestyle especially since he didn't re-imagine the dance, therewas very little there that was new he just copied the existing moves.  Votes went to Shawn but if Melissa wins it would be just as good.

Pat Berrell

I was able to vote on the phone and on-line.  The only problem voting I had were on FB; still haven't been able to get those votes to take.  And Melissa and Tony got all my votes.  I love Kelly and Val, but Melissa has been a favorite of mine - her attitude, her smiile and her dancing. And it's about time for Tony to take home that mirror ball.  I hope so.


Jody Wierick

I voted for Kelly and Val and for Melissa and Tony - most of my votes went to Kelly - She is a jewel and is an angel dancing.

Debbie Bloom

I wonder whether the producers encouraged Shawn & Derrick to do the quick-step routine because it was such a crowd pleaser.  The ratings aren't  so good this season, so they do a lot of behind-the-scenes maneuvering.  I think they manipulated things to keep Kirsty on for so long.  Or, maybe not.  Just my hunch.

Laura Jo

Loved your article! My votes were sealed with kisses for Kelly & Val and OMG the Dirty Dancing choice was nothing short of EPIC! Yeah, I thought I was losing my mind when Shawn & Derek did a re-run dance. WHA>>>???? To be fair, I think the remaining teams are all amazing, but KELLY & VAL are HOT BEST!!!!! :)

Toni LoTempio

My votes went to Melissa and Tony - the other two have won alrady! It's Melissa's time!

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