6 Celebs Who Make Mustaches Hot (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez Hot List

robert pattinsonHappy Movember! It's the delightful month when we celebrate all things mustache. And you thought November was all about turkeys -- heck no. It's about facial hair, too. This year I'm finally ready to get on board. I mean in appreciating mustaches, not growing one myself. I wasn't always into mustaches, but over the years they've grown on me. (Ha! Wish you were laughing as hard as I am over that one.) And now it's hard to find a male celeb whose mug isn't improved by a 'stache. It's so cheeky! Let's have a gander at some of the sexiest mustachioed men we've seen lately.

Only one rule here: It has to be a real mustache, not mustache-within-a-beard. I'll let a little chin scruff slide, though.

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