'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Corey & Leah Did Not Have to Split

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Leah CalvertTeen Mom 2 is a strange show because the girls are so famous that we have up to the minute details on their lives. We know that Leah Simms is now Leah Calvert and is expecting a new baby with her husband Jeremy Calvert. But on the show, she is still finalizing the details of her divorce with Corey and wondering if their marriage could have been saved.

In short, it could have.

Of course, Leah isn't the only person on the show, and Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn have their own dramas going on as well. Tonight, Jenelle's big issue was being unable to pass her drug test and being sent to jail. I guess I am not entirely sure why it's so hard for Jenelle to simply stop smoking, especially when, as I understand it, marijuana isn't physically addictive.

Maybe I am just missing something, but Jenelle barely seems to want to stop. Her life would be a million times better if she just kicked smoking, but she refuses. It makes no sense and tonight we saw her go back to jail for it.

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No matter how many times she messes up, we'll all keep rooting for Jenelle. She is just a kid in many ways.

Chelsea, on the other hand, is very much an adult, but she is an adult who is dealing with a child for a boyfriend. Although, as far as I know, they are now over, in the show time, Chelsea is still messing around with Adam and driving everyone -- but most of all her father -- insane in the process. Come ON Chelsea. The guy showed up TWO HOURS late to his kid's party. He is a complete and total ass. Let him go.

Kailyn also needs to let Jo go. She is stalking him online and obsessing over his social life. In the end, his social life isn't really her business. It makes sense that it bothers her as he is Isaac's dad. But it's also outside of her control and kind of mean that she expects to be able to stop him.

This is always the issue with these people. If only they would COMMUNICATE, more would happen. Had Leah and Corey gone to counseling, had they seen what we all see -- two people who very much loved each other but didn't know how to make it work -- they could have maybe had more. Instead they split. It could have been stopped.

Now we know Leah moves on and she is happy now. Good for her. Hopefully Corey is, too. But their marriage was too short and there was a lot good there. It does seem like they could have worked harder and made it last.

Do you think Corey and Leah could have made it work?


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shesl... shesliketx

I was cracking up about Jenelle and her devotion to Kesha. Her attorney was thinking "be a public defender they said, it'll be fun they said...and boy, I do get a good laugh!"

nonmember avatar britney1

i think leah and corey could had saved their marriage if they had went to counseling , if corey would had waited on getting a truck bedore his girrls health first then got the teuck and talked tbrough things

Bailey Swicegood

I understand you guys posted an article pretty much summing up tonight's episode, but it was in the name of Leah and Corey's marriage. Personally, if anyone deserved their own article tonight, it would be Jenelle. And I understand that you guys post a lot about Jenelle, but tonight's episode has really taken the cake tonight. I really shows how immature, and I'm sorry, but idiotic this girl is being. And anyone who saw tonight's episode, would agree with me. On many different levels, Jenelle just really showed how screwed up she is, and unfit to be a parent. Someone she cover this, much quicker than a divorce that obviously yes had many problems, and could have been worked out most likely, but ended up being good. Jenelle is a walking train wreck, and yet still manages to surprise us with her....inappropriateness shall I say...

Staci Brassie

I do think they could have lasted.. I think they both want to try and leah is so hurt by it all she's just trying to act mad when all she wants to do is cry..tonight I wanted to cry for her!!

nonmember avatar Sami

Yes I'm sure Leah and Corey could have made their relationship work but Corey didn't want to so it didn't. As far as Kailyn and Jo she has every right to be concerned about what he is doing more so when he is supposed to be taking care of their son. Chelsea I can relate with on trying to make a relationship work when everyone is against it. She isn't for everyone else it is for their daughter (the same reason I did it). Jenelle well I have nothing to say for her she just needs to pull her head out of her butt and see what she is doing to her son. I hope she can see how stupid she looks.

Sweet... SweetPoison

I wish Leah and Corey would have worked it out.  But honestly I don't completely blame Corey for leaving. She cheated on him multipule times! Even right before their wedding. Come On! And she acts likie she never did and when he brings it up she shuts down..does her family even know? because they act like shes so innocent in it.

As for Janelle..I couldn't stop laughing..SERIOUSLY? You're gonna skip jail NOT FOR YOUR CHILD! but for a FRICKEN KESHA CONCERT?? and if SHE is your idol..wow..just wow..

Janelle needs to grow up. Her mom needs to take full custody of Jace and get stritc and supervised visits with him only.

marabie marabie

Not rooting for janelle nope.

Amanda Pearce

I don't think there is anything wrong with Kailyn keeping an eye on Jo like that. She has a child involved, and if he is doing things to risk Isaah's health/wellbeing then she has every right to find out and take the appropriate actions. I would do the same thing if I head my baby's daddy was getting drunk and partying when he had my daughter.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Hmmm... From what I remember Leah was a hoe and kept wanting to screw her ex boyfriend even all the way until she got married... The truck has really nothing to do with their divorce. Its just a truck....Her slutty ways got her divorced. She is not an innocent southern belle..I wish MTV would stop trying to portray her as one...

Debi Ramos

I think it is best that Corey and Leah's marriage is over.  Leah would just end up cheating again and again.  To cheat just before the marriage! Clearly she did not love him to the level she should have in the first place. She should not have married him and put both of them through all that. I seriously doubt her current marriage will last either. I hope I am wrong, but doubt it.   I don't think Leah is emotionally mature enough to handle marriage to anybody just yet. Time will tell all.  Janelle is just all about Janelle.  One of the best things her mom has done is to leave her sit in jail.  Kailyn just wants to control Joe.  She needs to look in the mirror. Joe should be with his son on the day he has him. However, Joe has awesome parents. There is nothing wrong with their son spending time with his grandparents or being in their care. If he is leaving their son in his mom's care the majority of the time, and he's out running around - then obviously that is a problem.

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