Robert Pattinson Says He'll Play Christian Grey & Makes Women Everywhere Swoon

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robert pattinson as edward cullenI used to think Twi-hards' undying obsession with Robert Pattinson was based on complete and total hype. I mean, really, how sexy is a gangly guy with ghastly pale skin that eerily twinkles in the light of day? But ever since Breaking Dawn: Part 2 opened, and Rob started slipping further and further away from the role of Edward Cullen, he's gotten hotter and hotter! Especially since he's been acting like he couldn't care less about what his publicist thinks and has been uncharacteristically candid in recent interviews.

Take what he said in a recent interview with MSN. The site asked him about Fifty Shades of Grey, because well, obviously whether or not he'd play Christian Grey is the most burning Q about his post-Twilight career. And Rob's answer was a jaw-dropper ...

He replied:

I am playing that part. ... I also wrote the book.

Whaaaa??! Oh, right, he was TOTALLY joking! Because that's what he does now.

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He must be so drained by being asked the same questions -- particularly about playing Christian Grey -- over and over again, he's started coming up with totally random, off-the-cuff, but downright hilarious responses to them. Like sarcastically asserting that he has already been cast to play Christian -- and not only that, but he also wrote the book. (I guess E.L. James' rise from fan fiction writer to world-famous author is just a cover? Oh man ... I'll bet there's a burgeoning conspiracy theory in the making there!) Or saying he wants to actually write a book -- which would be a flipped-flopped version of Fifty Shades of course. Uh-huh. Suuuure ya do, Rob!

But, no, seriously, I gotta give the guy cred for being so good-natured about it all. After all, even though he hasn't been cast as Christian -- and likely won't be -- it can't be easy being the guy who inspired the role. But he's handling it in the best, most lighthearted possible way.

Do you appreciate Rob's sense of humor about Fifty Shades?


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Christine Yonkers

How can any of you say he's not right for the part?  The book was based on him!  He's not going to be in the movie, not a big deal.  He's making at least 5 movies this coming year, so he doesn't need the work.

Rita Curry

  I have never wanted Rob, to play that part, & its not what you think, either. If he plays to many, roles, as a sex god, he will be, type cast. I feel he is to good for that to happen. Don't even think about it, Rob. Please!!!bowing down

Ashley Strong Isho

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS That Would be soooooooooooo great if he played him.... He is so sexy.....

Becky Boyette Loggans

oh so sexy    :)      50 shades if you don't cast Robert Pattinson  your nuts!!!!!

lawgi... lawgirlmom


Christina Vickers

He is not Christian Grey . I loved him as edward cullen but he is not sexy enough to play that part. I would love to see Channing Tatum as christian grey .


Debra Anduaga

omg yes he is Christian Grey  no matter what if he does it or not but if he does the don't have to cast KSTEW he is an independent thinker and actor she does not have to do everything with him! and i don't like her anyway! never did never will!! oh well!! but yes cast him  and i will be a happy girl!!!


WDWEd... WDWEditor

Can't see him fitting the part at all,totally lacks the power needed. Gray should be somewhat older and have more...stature I guess is the word I want. I'm sorry but he didn't even make my list of 'maybe' should play CG. Hollywood is appealing to the vampire set.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

And what exactly make him so sexy?

Mary Harris

Yuck! Ian all the way

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