Kim Zolciak Is Leaving 'Real Housewives' of Atlanta

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is losing one of it's most popular hellraisers. After five seasons of catfights, breakups, makeups, and births all in front of the Bravo cameras, Kim Zolciak is reportedly leaving the show.

According to Us weekly, the "Tardy For the Party" singer, who is seven months pregnant in current episodes, will exit mid-season. Her decision comes after an epic battle -- but not with whom you might expect.

"Kim has a total blowout with production," a source told the magazine. The argument began after costar Cynthia Bailey invited all the women to Anguilla for her vow renewal but the pregnant Kim was unable to attend. Her chat with production about it escalated into a huge fight. "Kim was furious," added the insider.

During a November 2011 interview, she had said, "I want positivity around me." Not much of that among her so-called "friends" on that show. "With these ladies, I feel like nine times out of 10, there's going to be an argument," she told Us. "They're not happy for me. They're not supportive."

I can't blame her for bowing out. From the start of the series, she has been in the middle of some of the nastiest fights. Whether her wig was being yanked off or her singing mercilessly ridiculed, it hasn't been an easy road for Zolciak. Her decision to leave is probably her smartest move yet. Finally she can stop being humiliated on TV - that is until she gets another spin-off.

Do you think Kim should leave the show?


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lifeh... lifehappy

She should have her own game show: How Many Times Can I Drop the F-Bomb? or Guess My REAL Age.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I really do think she is in her early 30's. She had Brielle when she was 18, and Brielle is just about 16 now. That's what smoking does to you. 

I just want to know what the hell Kim does for a living to have had ALL the furniture in storage. 10 $5k Versache plate settings? Kroy only makes $1 million a year...

CAP1015 CAP1015

Yes her own show........."How to be a rich person with no talent, no education, no skills and no clue!"

I don't hate but you must admit if this woman fell into a barrel of dicks she would come out sucking her thumb!  She has wealth from prior "sugar daddies" and for getting paid an assload of cash to be on this non-reality show, and she even made over $80K from that stupid song. 

I stopped watching this show 3 season's ago when it was disclosed some of the scenes were re-shot and some were scripted.   It seems Kim's new gig is pushing out babies for a soon to be retired football player that will not be able to support her.............we'll see!

nonmember avatar kay

Pretty sure she's expecting her own spin off. Not gonna happen. She'll be back to shopping at Marshall's like the rest of us soon enough. Kroy only has so much time left in the NFL and he's already down to $1 million a year (minus taxes, agent fees, etc.)

Mamie Spears Inman

Finally trash mouth is leaving and taking her diva attitude with her.  No talent except for breeding kids.  Poor Kroy!

Gloria Woods Kotos

I like said good bye KIM and I am so happy to see her leave. and I think we all will have fun wacth all those lady but need to go too


Patricia Elzinga-Moschella

If Kim is leaving, this will free up another hour of my life each week. Kim is the only reason I still watch this show. B-bye RHWOA :) 

Antoinette McCrea

your all just jealous haters wishing

Maria Montoya

She's a completely useless human being...only takes up good oxygen that could be used for someone else. Women like her give us a bad name, making her living on her back (or with her mouth) Her poor kids...gonna be soooooo damaged. Go away!

dusti... dustinsmom1

The whole show sucks, and she has babies to take care of. Wish theyd just cancel this train wreck already!

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