Halle Berry's Custody Drama Just Took Another Turn for the Worse

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Halle BerryWow, this Halle Berry family drama is getting crazy, y'all. I mean, crazier than it already was, if you can believe. First there was that Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle's manse that involved the father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry, and her fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez. Now reports say that child protective services is going to step in and investigate accusations of child abuse against Halle's 4-year-old girl, Nahla! This is break-up drama at its worst. Here's the latest 411 ...

On Thanksgiving, Aubry and Martinez got into it outside of Halle's house. Both of them were left with injuries, and Aubry was arrested. Then a judge issued an emergency restraining order against Aubry, which required him to stay away from both Nahla and Halle. That runs out tomorrow, but Halle is reportedly trying to get a permanent one.

But now child protective services is getting involved because of a claim of child abuse by Halle earlier this year that involved Aubry allegedly pushing a nanny while she was holding Nahla. Back then, there wasn't enough evidence to go through with a charge, but now the case has been reopened after this latest confrontation because it appears that Nahla may have witnessed the violence between her dad and her mom's fiancé. Reportedly Halle rushed Nahla into the house before she saw much of anything, but they're going to investigate anyway.

All of this follows on the heels of a bitter custody battle in which Halle wanted to move Nahla to France to bring her up away from the paparazzi -- and I'm sure her fiancé being French probably had a little something to do with it too. (Shhh.) But a judge refused to let Halle do this.

I noticed that many readers seem to blame Halle for this whole fiasco -- accusing her of cooking up this latest scheme in order to get Nahla out of the country like she originally wanted. But the police must have felt pretty confident that Aubry was at fault or it would have been Olivier who was arrested. Is Halle doing the right thing by trying to get a father who can't control his temper out of her daughter's life? Or does she just want him out of Nahla's life so she can move to France and not pay child support? As an outsider, it's hard to tell what exactly is going on here -- but Aubry isn't doing himself any favors by throwing punches.

Either way, the loser in this will be Nahla -- no child wants to see their parents at such odds with each other. But if she could be in danger by being around her father, then an investigation is warranted.

Do you think Halle is to blame for this? Or Aubry? Or both?


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nonmember avatar Cee

There is no allegations of child abuse. CPS are going as part of protocol because Aubry has a past of hitting someone in the presence of a child, not hitting the child himself. Did you read the article you are citing?
Although I am not entirely sure Aubry is innocent, it is very suspicious that on both times only Halle's workers are present. This cannot end well for the child no matter the outcome.

missusmc missusmc

Martinez issued a citizens arrest, so Aubry was arrested. I'm pretty naive when it comes to the law, but is it possible Aubry wouldn't have been charged if it weren't for the citizens arrest?

nonmember avatar Veronica

Halle is a very selfish mom shame on her. I have no doubt that this was a set up by Halle/Oliver to keep Nahla away from her Dad. Its wrong Halle has no right keeping Nahla away from her dad and Gabriel has every right to be in his daughter life he has that right as her dad and its also wrong for Oliver to put himself in the middle of it Nahla is not his daughter. I bet Halle is loving every minute of this drama and if she cared about her daughter at all instead of just herself she would not be keeping Nahla away from her father. I really hope the court system sees right through this crap and I hope it backfires big time on Halle Berry you never ever keep a child away from their dad big mistake.

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