Puck From 'Real World' Goes to Prison & It Was Just a Matter of Time

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David Hey all, anyone remember that dude Puke Puck, the bike messenger from the early days San Francisco season of The Real World? He was the one with the gross lack of hygiene. He was once accused of picking his nose and then putting his finger in some peanut butter. Nasty!

He generally tormented his roommates, especially the AIDS-afflicted Pedro Zamora, who later died. Well, it doesn't look like time did much to mellow David "Puck" Rainey or give him some gravitas. This month he was sentenced to two years in prison for stalking a woman -- probably his wife.

TMZ reports that Puck's long sentence probably means he violated an already-existing order of protection. Puck has a history of trouble with women -- on the Real World, he hooked up with Rachel, and then blabbed to the other roommates about it despite her asking him to keep it a secret. (Seriously, who would trust this guy?!)

In 2003, he was arrested for domestic violence. In 2009, he was sentenced to a year in jail after another domestic battery. In 2011, he was again arrested on domestic violence charges. It's unclear whether this was all against the same woman -- some reports describe the incidents as involving his wife, Betty, some reports describe a girlfriend. In 2010, he was arrested for driving under the influence with his 10-year-old son, Bogart, in the car. He also has a son named Rocco. Puck should know only Charlie Sheen can get away with this behavior!

Puck has reveled (and profited) from his bad boy persona for the past two decades. He even appeared in an Eminem video. And he's made various appearances on MTV shows. So I suppose that all of the arrests over the years weren't enough to force him to grow up -- why should he, when his reputation as a jerk is what gets him a degree of fame?

Hopefully this latest stint in the pokey will do him some good. Maybe he'll turn his life around and become a good husband and father. Maybe. Hopefully. But I won't hold my breath.

Do you remember Puck?


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DiceK... DiceKitten

I remember Puck. He is a famewhore that is just boil on the butt of humanity. He needs jail, especially a cell w/ a aids victim. He makes me question how he was raised and how Bi-Polar he is. Rachel is cringing in fear that someone brought her sexual escapede w/Puck. Especially now that she is a parenting author!

CAP1015 CAP1015

I met him in real life in a bar, he was not abnormally a jerk, but then again this was a bar in Oklahoma City and while people were giving him a slight celeb treatment by buying him drinks, they pretty much made it clear if he wanted to rumble or cause a stir they would grant his wish.

I remember all the shows and I remember the thing with Rachel was simply kissing, not full out sex.

After meeting him I'm not sure how his life would have been had he not been on Real World, but I can tell that his addictive personality was instantly drawn to the fame.  He was pretty clear that he intended on always being a celebrity and would not consider any other form of vocation.  With this in mind and him having no talent other than disruptive behaviour this appears the only result.   Too bad no one is coming out with an "Ultimate Douce Bag"  show, he would've had a shot!

nonmember avatar gabe

puck when are you going to get a real job and not that of meth lab attendant or grow house monkey? your bammer weed gave me headaches and i know you must be using avid to get rid of spider mites ! please go back and get your GED so you can eventually train as a snap on tool truck guy ! see you down at the EBT office !

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