Kelsey Grammer Continues to Harass Camille By Moving Into Their Old House

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camille grammerThere's a fine line between being obsessed with someone, and being obsessed with screwing someone over. I'm not sure which side Kelsey Grammer comes down on, but one thing's for sure -- this guy will not stay out of ex wife Camille Grammer's grill. He is all up in there, constantly. Whether he's  talking about their former sex life, feigning public insult when her picture's shown, or having his current wife dress as Camille for Halloween, Camille's name is always in Kelsey's mouth. And now, Kelsey's moving into Camille's house. Well, kind of. Here's the twisted deal that made Camille rush to court on Wednesday.

Kelsey and Camille shared a 10,657 square foot mansion in the Hollywood Hills. I think it's the same one we saw on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but I'm not 100 percent certain. These people have more houses than I have shoes -- it's hard to keep up. Anyway, it looks like after the divorce, they both moved out of the house and put the home on the market for $16 million.

Now, it would seem, Kelsey wants back in. According to TMZ, Kelsey tried to move into the house with his new family, but Camille was having none of it. As soon as she heard what was going on, Camille went to see a judge to get an emergency order preventing Kelsey from moving back in. The judge didn't grant her wish exactly, but set a hearing date for next month.

Camille's point is that with Kelsey living there, it'll be harder to sell the house, and the longer it takes to sell, the longer she'll have to wait for her half of the sale price, or roughly $8 million.

You could see why she'd want Kelsey out of there.

I really don't know what Kelsey's deal is. It's like he won't stay out of Camille's hair. Just let her be already, you know? I can understand not wanting to pay rent or buy a new place when one of your empty houses is just sitting there, but I can't understand the need to keep your ex on the tip of your tongue, or at arm's reach.

Seems a wee bit odd slash sad slash extremely desperate to me.

What do you think?


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Jscot... Jscott1216

He's a narcissistic, self centered, disgusting pig! Wish he'd disappear along with that psycho trash Halle berry! Their both nut jobs!

Vikki Gonzales

Maybe he should pay her rent till the house sells this way she gets some $$$ and you know he will hate having to give her money

nonmember avatar wattusi

He paid for the house, she was happy being the good-for-nothing trophy wife, he should be able to live there if he wants.

nonmember avatar shannon

That Camille is just as bad as he is...constantlyreferring to his small penis, "barnacles on his back", etc. They are both lowlifes. Camille is a grisly, bitter golddigger...and Kelsey is an old pervy fool with that hideous new white trash wife. The whole thing is despicable. Camille should be running to get a real job instead of running to court. Gross.

Mickie Moser

Kelsey Was a drunken creep That Camille helped and put up with And he turns out to be the most disgusting scuzz bucket That has nothing but hate in his heart-!! Karma is a bitch-!! Can't wait to see him get it back in spades-!! People should live in the present and prepare for the future, And let go of the past-!! And for having sakes --- grow up-! Be a good role model for your children for once-!! Just sayin ....

Gavin... GavinGrandma

Hope she WINS in court-he is scum ass drunk, cheater douchebag!  So glad I've been "happily" married for 36 years!!

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