Chris Brown Gets Into Fight With Another Woman & This Time He Loses

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Chris BrownLooks like Chris Brown got into another knock-down drag-out fight with a woman -- but this time he took on more than he could handle. A Twitter feud with sharp-tongued comedian Jenny Johnson led to Brown quitting the social media network. Last night, Rihanna's bad boy boyfriend (I know, right?!!) signed off with:

To teambreezy ... Know that I'm not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These bitches crazy ... Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem ... Catch me in traffic ...

So who is the tough chick who made Brown flee Twitter with his tail tucked between his legs? And what did she say to him? This gets good, people. Pull up a chair and make sure there's no kiddies around.

It all started when Brown tweeted:

I look old as f*ck! I'm only 23...

Johnson, who is known for sending out scathing ripostes to celebrities via Twitter, responded:

I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.


Brown then began a series of trashy tweets at Jenny, one of which went:

I should fart while ur giving me top.

He also threatened to "shart" in Jenny's eye. Jenny told him to stop flirting with her. (Oh, snap!) She then said:

I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.

To which Brown replied:

Just ask Rihanna if she mad????????

Well, obvs Rihanna isn't mad, as she tweeted a picture of him in bed recently. I know, gross!

Shortly after this, Brown deleted his account. Cue the scarily predictable death threats from Brown's fans.

Brown must not be accustomed to a woman standing up to him. When his disgusting tweets didn't make Jenny back down, he fled. If only the other women in Brown's life had as much backbone. Unfortunately, I doubt Brown will be gone for long.

What do you think of Jenny and Chris Brown's fight?

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Megan Lee

He is the shit stain on the underpants of society.
The end.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

For some reason he fears strong women and likes having that feeling of being physically stronger as that gives him "control".That or he's just some prick scumbag that can't control his temper.Regardless, there IS NO excuse for being abusive... Ugh, I find it SO hard to have anything but disgust for someone who has abused a woman,whether she forgave him or not. I hope he gets help for his issues before someone ends up dead.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Finally someone put him in his place. What an awful excuse for beating a woman "well, she isnt even mad.". He makes me sick.

IKnow... IKnow0101

Well isn't that mature.  Two idiots with to much time on their hands swapping insults.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

He is such a douche bag. And I also have no respect for Rhianna for going back to his pathetic ass. 

Jenean Younger

funny....while everyone is sitting back judging chris and rhianna....they're sitting back laughing and collecting their money....let it go people... just let it go!!!!!smdh!!!

Carmen Ruth

He's one to talk about maturity.  He hasn't acted with a single bit of it since his violence toward Rihanna happened.

hopea... hopealways4019

This he beat rhianna is getting old. Let the man move on! Why they keep bashing him about something that happened almost 4 yrs ago? Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right. That one isolated incident is overshadowing everything else he do. This is an unforgiving society, very judgemental. Especially when it comes to a black man. I don't condone violence. But everyone needs to stop throwing his past in his face. Chris need to stop letting these "perfect people " provoke him . That's what they want for him to fly off the handle, so they can have something else to talk about.

keriley1 keriley1

@hopealways you do realize he has had numerous problems since then right??? That was just the biggest one, he also has numerous fights in nightclubs, he threw a chair at some interview or something, idk the details I don't like that kind of music anyway so I don't really follow him or anyone else but still. It has nothing to do wit him being black it has to do with him being a dbag. People "provoke" others all the time and they don't go flying off the handle.

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