'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Starts a War With Her Co-Stars (VIDEO)

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Farrah AbrahamLeave it to Farrah Abraham to start a pissing match with her reality TV co-stars! The Teen Mom has always been known for speaking her mind, and she wasn't pulling any punches recently. Abraham called out some of MTV's teen mothers as "very not intelligent."

Daaaaang! Them's fighting words, Farrah! But that doesn't mean she shouldn't have said them.

Awkward phrasing aside, Farrah is right. Some of the moms on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are really trying to straighten up and fly right. Moms like Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska have shown us that they can prioritize their children and come out looking like pretty decent parents. Farrah herself has come a long way from dumping her daughter with her mom and heading out to hang with boys. These days she's got a spinoff show, book deals, a food business, and an obvious love for her daughter.

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Some of the other girls, on the other hand, are still making problems for themselves.

Take Jenelle Evans, who recently attacked Farrah's plastic surgery. It was in responding to Jenelle, pointing out that the Teen Mom 2 star underwent her own boob job, that Farrah pulled out the big guns in the first place. In addition to the "not intelligent comment," Farrah added:

And I’m one of them [Teen Mom cast member] who really works hard, who really educated myself and really cares about people. And lots of the time they call me a b*tch and then act like my friend, but that’s normal because I think that’s what the world has become. But [the drama] is just not in my life.

I have to say I sympathize with the girls from this show who are trying to clean up their acts only to be dragged down in the dirt every time the tabloids report one of their co-stars' scandals. As Houska told The Stir a few weeks ago, each mistake one girl makes only adds to the stereotype that all teen mothers are massive failures. Farrah has every right to be angry that, while she is making good choices, she is painted with the same brush as the girls who aren't.

As for whether she should voiced this out loud, what exactly did she have to lose? She's clearly not friends with Jenelle. And she's certainly put the world on notice! 

What do you think of Farrah's comments? Is it fair to say that these girls are not all equal?


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nonmember avatar nicky

I can't focus on anything she says after the terrible plastic surgery she had. Aren't noses supposed to look smaller after a nose job? Just sayin.

Rochelle Allgire

Yeah, that plastic surgery, did nothing to help her. And someone should teach her how to do her make up. Looks like crap. As far as intelligence goes, she had to go on 16 and pregnant and ride the train to where she is. She never would be where she is now if she had done it on her own without cameras following her every move. To me, she's still as stuck up and selfish as she ever was.

Jackie Blain

"really not intelligent" really come on Farrah! you look like an Einstein with such great grammar :) you should become a literary scholar :) and "cares about others"? just who are those others? I have yet to see you care about anyone... and you are trying to make something of yourself? like what a high class cocaine addict? maybe people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Farrah :)

Carmen Schoen

While she may not be as trashy as Jennelle, she knew from celeb stories and tabloids what she was gettin into when she signed on to the show. If she cares about people, why did she spend all those thousands of dollars attempting to improve her appearance when she could have donated it to a worthy cause??? Or donate some money to the thousands of Americans barely making ends meet. If she wants respece, she better step up.

nonmember avatar kiki

Her chin implant makes her look like a man.

nonmember avatar Haley

STop being so hateful..
your makin gyourselfs look like children.
EVERYONE makes mistakes.
And vesides these arent YOUR mistakes to critize.

Cayla... CaylaChristine

Haley, she signed up to be on a reality tv show and have her life broadcast for everyone to see. While they may not be OUR mistakes, she couldn't have possibly figured that she would not be criticized for them. Or maybe she did, considering she's proven time and time again that she is "very not intelligent".

Krystye Bettney

Farrah is a VERY spoiled, disrespectful, rude, and extremely self-centered. She has NO right to judge people, I have my own opinions about Janelle and Amber but I also have my own opinions about everyone else INCLUDING Farrah! The sad part is, when she does get into a situation that’s "too hard" or "difficult" all she does is call mommy and daddy. Try coming from a family that WOULD LOVE to do everything they could to help you, but they just CANT (whatever the reason may be). I think that if Farrah did have to learn the way that most people do in America, she would have a little more understanding. Farrah you’re not that intelligent...it’s not "very not intelligent" its "not very intelligent". You consider yourself to be "really educated"? Damn if that’s what you are, I must be a genius! I definitely know what it’s like to struggle, I take care of 2 children who I never gave birth to (and have to deal with all the drama that’s involved in that), I work full time, and go to college part time; just to make ends meat. I consider myself well rounded, but you just think your sooo much better than everyone else. It’s ridiculous.

Kristi Dwelis

"Really not intelligent" Haha, I like that. I could care less about her plastic surgery. Her choice if she wants to look like a train wreck in 20 years....

momav... momavanessa

rolling on floor"Really not intelligent" That says it all!!

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