'Walking Dead' Recap: Torture, Creepy Experiments & Dead Dogs, Oh My

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You GUYS. We only have one more episode of The Walking Dead before the show goes on hiatus until February. What are we even going to do without our Sunday evening serving of re-animated dead people who are a rotted, shambling husk of their former selves? Watch Liz & Dick? *rimshot*

When we last saw our gang of Walking Dead survivors, Rick had been receiving calls on an i(AmInsane)Phone, Maggie and Glenn had fallen into bad hands, and Daryl had stolen our varmint-loving hearts yet AGAIN as he ferried [CAST MEMBER WHOSE STATUS HAD BEEN PREVIOUSLY UNCLEAR] to safety.

Here's what went down in tonight's episode (as always, spoilers ahead):

We start out with Merle interrogating Glenn back in Woodbury. Merle's tossing out a bunch of super-racist remarks and waving around his arm-stabber and generally being a total torture-porn asshole to Glenn, while all the while Maggie sits next door, forced to listen to it all.

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Back at the prison, we pick up where last week's episode left off: with Michonne standing at the fence surrounded by walkers, which are unaware of her delicious living human status thanks to the zombie guts smeared all over her. Except oh no, her bullet wound starts bleeding, which is apparently like a dinner bell going off because walkers are like "MURH?" before they descend en masse as she collapses into badly-timed unconsciousness.

Luckily, Carl and Rick waste all the walkers with some well-placed headshots and they bring Michonne into the prison, where everyone instantly gets into this big pissing match. Michonne's like, FUCK ALL YOU GUYS IN YOUR FACE-HOLES, and Daryl's like I WILL ARROW YOU SO HARD, and hey, you all just met, and this is crazy, but the zombies seem like enough of a problem without you all being dicks, so knock it off maybe?

Michonne finally dials back her bitchface long enough describe the Woodbury situation, and Rick and Daryl form a rescue team. In the midst of the preparations, Rick has a brief heart to heart with Carl, where they finally address the whole Lori-dying-then-having-to-be-shot-by-Carl-before-she-reanimated-as-a-walker thing.

"No one should have to go through that," Rick says to his son. You think? Carl needs a t-shirt: I SHOT MY MOM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.

Also they decide to name the baby Judith, after Carl's third grade teacher. Aw, but Lil' Asskicker had such a nice ring to it.

I guess anything's better than Shanette, right?

Back in Woodbury, Andrea assists Milton as he tries to prove that walkers retain some level of human memories after they turn. Their experimental subject, the dying Mr. Coleman, seems like a nice enough fellow -- until, of course, he zombifies. (Which doesn't happen instantly like it did with Shane, by the way, nor does it take a very long time like it did with with Andrea's sister, so I'm totally deducting 5 points for Zombie Continuity.) So far, the score seems to be Dead People That Turn Into Slobbering Rabid Flesh-Eating Monsters: 273858291056, Walkers That Can Be Soothed With Old-Timey LPs: Zero.

Merle gets fed up with using Glenn's face as a punching bag, so he puts a walker in the room with him, which Glenn miraculously manages to kill even though he's tied to a chair. The Governor decides to have a little visit with Maggie, which leads to a supremely freaky moment where he orders her to remove her shirt and he takes off his belt and oh my god, can you believe it? I know, right? In a post-apocalyptic world, where is Maggie taking yoga classes and getting full-body exfoliation and finding such attractive bras?

Thankfully, this scene does not lead to a nasty sexual assault, but then the Governor brings Maggie into Glenn's torture room and forces Maggie into giving up the prison by aiming his gun at Glenn's beat-up face. Huh. Seems like they could have just done that to start with.

Oscar, Rick, Daryl, and Michonne pile in a Hyundai-sponsored vehicle and drive towards Woodbury, stopping a mile or so away to approach on foot. As they get deeper in the woods, they stumble into about a bazillion walkers, and take refuge in a cabin. Which contains 1) a dead dog, and 2) a random guy who was sleeping (?) under a blanket and threatens to call the cops (??).

Michonne katanas the Insane Cabin Guy and they end up using him as a distraction for the walkers, and BOY do I have a lot of questions about this little side story. Like was it supposed to be even remotely realistic that some guy was surviving in a cabin surrounded by walkers, or was that setup mostly for the money-shot FX shot of him being torn to pieces by hungry zombies?  

On the plus side of this otherwise questionable plotline, may I present Daryl's deltoids.

Mmmmmm. Tastes like owl.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor soothes Andrea, who's guzzling his booze after the trauma of having to knife Mr. Coleman through the skull. If only she knew the Governor had recently deployed those same creepy there-there pats to a shirtless, horrified Maggie -- or his own dead daughter, for that matter. Outside, Rick and the gang are closing in on Woodbury, so even though I found this episode kind of annoying in how it seemed to be nothing more than a stretched-out setup for the midseason finale, well, next week's episode looks like it's going to kick major ass.

What did you think of tonight's show?

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Karis... Karissa_ruiz

Glenna character is really stepping up is bad ass-ness! His character definitely one of the best of the show, and only getting better. Does anyone watch the Talking Dead?

Milton is trying to see if they retain any memory from their post-zombie life but Mr. Coleman was no help HOWEVER this weeks talking dead guest made a a great observation. What about the wife of the man and son from Season 1? She kept going back to the door, does that mean they do retain memory? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I want to know more about how the man in the cabin as well. Why did he threaten to call the police?

Noelea D'Antonio

That guy in the cabin really didn't make much sense. I am really curious to see where Daryl's loyalties lie as well as Andrea once they all come together.Glen has really grown on me.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I watch The Talking Dead and I loved Yvette's comments! One of the best guest-fans ever...and I always questioned Morgan's (was that his name?) zombie wife's behavior...it stuck with me because I couldn't imagine a child having to deal with that EVERY night...jeez...and last night's episode definitely annoyed me as well....especially Rick putting his hands on Michonne...wtf...and I swear, if the Governor doesn't die a slow, painful, death...I'm gonna be pissed...maybe his daughter will eat him???? And I'm definitely thinking Daryl is going to end up having to kill Merle...he's going to go out in a spectacular way, I KNOW it...next week will be awesome/awful, I'm sure...anyone want to place bets on who's gonna not going to make it??? And I'll be thinking about Daryl saying, "I will arrow you so hard" all day..thanks lol

nonmember avatar zach

I love Glen and I love Daryl. Hoping Daryl puts an arrow through Merle's brain. I'm sorta sick of Andrea. Wouldn't mind seeing her become zombie food.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

'm sorry, I have to say it. Daryl can arrow me as hard as he wants! I would be just fine if we were stuck in that cabin, alone, with a bunch of walkers outside. Mmmmm.... As for the rest. I'm surprised Maggie didn't make a grab for the Gov's belt when he came around the table. Could have sworn I saw a gun hanging from it. I was waiting for her to do something other then lay there. But it was probably for the best seeing as they are both still alive. Andrea is definitely getting on my nerves but her behavior is understandable after all she has been through. I also hope the Gov gets eaten by his own daughter, that'd be nice lol. Hopefully the finale will show lots of bad guys being hacked by Michonne's samurai sword, Andrea coming to her senses, Daryl naked, the gov being nibbled at by walkers, and some other good stuff :) 

tejan... tejanita1

As far as point deductions for continuity, remember the episodes where the group went to the CDC and met with the ultra-creepy doctor?  He makes a statement in there that the reanimation can be instantaneous, but had taken up to eight hours from what they were able to observe.  His wife, TS-1, only took about 20 minutes before she reanimated.

nonmember avatar Craig S

Hey Cabin guy... Call the cops, really, dude? Where have you been for the past 3 years? He deserved to get eaten for being just for being out of the loop for so long.
Merle's a Grade-A prick... and the Guv's do-boy. And that Guv, what a sadistic bastard. Like the world sucks as it is, without this "Mr Rogers looking" freak show psychopath.
Andrea, will somebody buy her a clue please. She's been stuck on Planet Stupid since half way through Season 1. Someone should turn her into zombie food asap.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Walking dead was reallly good and can't wait to see what happens sunday even though it's the mid season finale.

nonmember avatar fangirl

I wonder if the mid season finale will be the episode where the governor takes ricks arm?

Anna Martin

3 years, Craig?  It's been 3 seasons but the actual timeline in the show is about 10 months since the zombie apocalypse started.  Still though, paranoid cabin dude should have been aware that the majority of mankind has been zombified.  Did he seriously never leave his cabin in the last year?  It's probably just as well that he became zombie food, as messed up and disturbing as it was. 

I was about to throw stuff at the TV when I thought the creepy governor was about to rape Maggie.  WTF dude?  You aren't getting enough from Andrea?  I really hope both Andrea and the governor become zombie chow soon.  He's evil and apparently she gets off on evil. 

I can't wait to see the "reunion" between Merle and Daryl.  I think Daryl will kill Merle when he realizes he was the one kidnapping members of their group and torturing them.  The groups of survivors have become closer knit families in these cirumstances than actual blood families. 


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