Rihanna Sort of Tries to Hide Her Thanksgiving With 'Lover' Chris Brown

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rihanna chris brownI don't think many people want Rihanna and Chris Brown to really, truly be back together. But the reality seems to be that the girl's in love with this turkey. So much so she spent Thanksgiving with him in Berlin, his latest stop on his Carpe Diem tour. Thanksgiving now. Christmas is next. Maybe those of us not into this rekindling can hope for a break up by New Year's Eve. Here she is -- seen here partying at Brown's show -- that's Chris with the neck tattoo behind her on the left. It's not that neck tattoo -- the one that seems to be of a woman's battered face. This is the other side of his wattle, which should really be a tattoo of the words: I'm a colossal screw up when it comes to women.

Those sunglasses are clever, but we know it's you Rihanna. Your secretive tweets gave you away before you even got there.


The photo is of Ri in her private plane. In case you have any doubt who this "lover" is that she is speaking of ... well, then there was this tweet:

Ah ha! Brown's in Berlin. The tour is called Carpe Diem. Gotcha.

I'm all for second chances. And I know people make mistakes and shouldn't be hated for them for the rest of their lives, but ... um ... yeah. I'm just finding it hard to be okay with this. Of course it's not my life and as Chris and Rihanna sing it's "Nobody's Business" but dayum girl, why couldn't you get back together with Drake instead?

What do you think of Rihanna spending Thanksgiving with Chris Brown?


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Yonnie Spriggs

what is wrong with you people? If Rihanna wants to date Chris Brown that her business and you idiots have nothing to do with it you self righteious ****s need to get over your selves

nonmember avatar blkfriday

I'm gonna pray for rih rih because nothing good will come of this relationship. he looks like he needs rehab & she definitely needs to lay off the alcohol.

nonmember avatar Zazz

Hey, ppl if Rihanna wants to day a white man what would you say about that? Oh boy, I bet no one would be able to comment because every thing would be tied up with everyone wanting to say something negative. There's nothing wrong with her dating a white man nor Chris Brown. If she wants to be with Chris (who is the love of her life) let her. What would you do to be with your love? This is young love and they have blinders on and is looking at the world through rose tinted glasses. I've been there with my first love and there is no feeling and nothing like it. I head in love for 4years until I moved away and I still love him and he me even after 55 years. When I go into his city we still have a quite dinner, hold hands and end the evening with a long warm hung and kiss. Mind you no matter how long I am in his city which is my hometown we never have another date. (because he is married and we must respect that.) But let me tell you this every time I see this man I feel like I am 14 years old again. I am so happy he does not go to the same church we always attended. I do and so does his mother and sisters. So with him not being there it helps me with not setting in the Lord's House lusting after this man.

Karma Grant

Well Zazz I'd hope your love of your life didn't beat the shit out of you. THAT is why people are against them being together, not anything to do with race. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

What Zazz???? Ok...

DKs-Kat DKs-Kat

They say women always go back to their abusers. Personally I think it's a stupid move on her part, but she is a grown woman and has to make her own choices. Won't say that I'd be surprised if she ends up black and blue again.

MomMom23 MomMom23

I hope she's not surprised when he beats her up again.

nonmember avatar DRD4

At this stage in her life...passion rules. It's the same passion that releases her creativity.

Ladi Lyke

It's her life, her choices, her decisions, and she has to live with them, not any of us. So, leave her be.  They are obviously drawn to each other for whatever reason.  Some people love disfunction. 

Jackie Rebecca Velez

I guess you say to each there own but the whole world knows he is an abuser .. I say she likes it I love it ! But I also believe in second chances but let him purse you bot you going Gaga over him. And what baout the girlfriend she still in the picture too so Hey ??? Whats really going on a Love N Hip hop three some ??  God bless them all ....mat they find there way


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