Lindsay Lohan's Reviews for 'Liz & Dick' Role Are Beyond What Anyone Expected

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Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth TaylorWell, if she was hoping for some kind of epic redemption or career comeback, it doesn't look like she's going to get one any time soon, because Lindsay Lohan is being slammed for her Liz & Dick performance in just about every review out there. (Sad, but true. And not the least bit shocking.)

Even though you'd think playing Elizabeth Taylor could possibly be the one role that Lindsay could relate to and really get into character and blow us away with her portrayal -- she just couldn't seem to pull off a win with this one.

Actually, she didn't even come close to pulling off a tie. (She's really getting hammered, people. And it's so much worse than anyone expected.)

A reviewer at The Washington Post said:

At no point in this unenergetic revisiting of the legendarily volatile romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton does it actually feel like you’re watching Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

And even though the reviewer said that Lohan "tried her best," she also added:

... she lacks Taylor’s majesty and elegance. Even at her messiest, Taylor projected a sophistication and reserve of strength that Lohan simply cannot muster.


Wait -- it gets worse.

TIME calls Liz & Dick "possibly the worst TV movie of the year," and had this to say about Lindsay's performance:

When Lohan is made up and still—slinking in a doorway, glowering into a mirror—the illusion is nearly complete. But when she opens her mouth, it’s all over. Lohan simply never becomes another person the length of the movie: whether she’s meant to be showing spunk or pique or passion, she gives nearly every line the flat delivery of the first read-through of a high-school play. Even when she hurls a bottle at Bowler during a fight, it’s lackadaisical, as if she expects the wall to catch it.


And the Chicago Sun-Times says that Lohan "lacks the charisma to be a convincing Elizabeth Taylor," and adds that many of the scenes in the flick "would be a better fit for Saturday Night Live."

Yeah, they brought out the big guns.

Sorry, Linds. Better luck next time.

Will you still watch Liz & Dick despite Lindsay's poor reviews?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Honestly I just want to see how bad it is... I mean... did anyone really believe she was going to win some sort of award for this? Its lifetime for god's sake...

nonmember avatar Amanda

Will you still watch Liz & Dick despite Lindsay's poor reviews?

I'll watch BECAUSE of the poor reviews!

nonmember avatar Jessie

I think people will watch it because it's so bad. Lindsay's family and friends will probably post all over the web about how great she is in the movie and how critics are just out to 'get her', like the police, the courts, judges, jewellery store owners, people in New York, etc, etc all seem out to 'get her'.
People should just face the truth, she was a good child actress, but she's never had enough talent, and especially not work ethic, to be a good actress as an adult. Plus, she's fried her face and brains with drugs, alcohol and plastic surgery. She's done.

kelti... kelticmom

I just want to know how some producer looked at Elizabeth Taylor, then looked at Lindsay Lohan and thought "perfect fit!"??? Sheesh.

Todd Vrancic

Kelticmom, I have a cynical idea that if I actually wrote it would probably be libelous.

nonmember avatar Steffy

The reviews I read were good. Lots of people are looking forward to watching this.

2nino... 2ninos4me

o wow ! they were rude as hell ! lol

tuffy... tuffymama

Exactly, Kelticmom! Shew! I've thought the same thing. That weirdo Megan Fox could have been made into a better representation than La Lohan.

I wish people would realize this bish can't act for crap and leave her alone. Then she will just die or dry out. Either way, we win.

paige... paige8608

I love what they had to say about the movie b/c it's the exct way I felt when watching clips they've been showing on TV. It is sad. Mean Girls was the peak of Lohan's  career. But I will be watching...if I can tolerate it...just to see how bad it is. For me, it's like starting at a train's bad & disturbing, but you just can't look away!

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