'RHONJ' Star Melissa Gorga Isn't Afraid of Danielle Staub ... But She Totally Should Be

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melissa gorgaThe news that Danielle Staub is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey hit me like a pre-Thanksgiving miracle. It's like god listened to my prayers and answered the least meaningful one in the lot. But, whatever. I'll take it. It's pretty much 100 percent that Danielle's coming back for blood on season six, and while I'm terrified and excited all at the same time, one cast member in particular doesn't seem to care one bit that the "prostitution whore" is reprising her role. Melissa Gorga told In Touch that, nah, she ain't afraid of no big, bad Danielle, and goes on to say, "I'm not going to run from her."

Um, Melissa? I don't wanna be like telling you what to do or anything, but, um, you should run. Run run run run run run run.

Melissa explains, "I don’t think anyone can cause more problems for Teresa and me -- not even Danielle."

Fine, I'll give Melissa that. I agree that her relationship with Teresa is totally dissolved and can't dissolve any more. So yeah, there isn't anything Danielle could do to that relationship, no, but there's plenty she could do to any of your other relationships.

There's no doubt in my mind that Danielle will try and come between Melissa and Joe, Melissa and Jacqui, Melissa and Caroline, Melissa and anyone. Stirring shit up is what Danielle does best, and the sooner Melissa realizes that she's not a scaredy-cat for running away, but rather a smarty-cat, the better.

Also, do you find Melissa's wording interesting here? She says: "I’m not going to run from her. If she wants to film together let’s film together."

Wants to film together? What, Danielle calls the shots? Huh. And yeah, any notion you had that those scenes where two Housewives go shopping together, etc., are organic, think again. The need to film comes first, then the outing is planned; it's not the outing, then the filming.

Anyway, Melissa should look out. Danielle's crazy and capable of anything ... which is exactly why, I assume, she was invited back on the show.

Do you think Melissa should run from Danielle?


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Trudy Lynch Redstreake

She should not come back total trouble, I'm not watching a bunch of grown woman act like they are in high school, I'm over all the housewives.

Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

IF Danielle Comes back I can NO longer watch. It is hard enuf to watch Teresa. The show just became toooo tacky for me :(

Linda Rizio Boyle

My question is how are they going to have her interact with people who don't speak to her?  It will totally be a setup and created drama then.  Also, how can she come between Melissa and Caroline and Jacqui when they aren't going to be on the show?  I cannot think of anyway to introduce her into the mix unless its through good old Kim from Posche who should just go to AA.

Debbie Irvin

If this writer thinks for one minute that the other housewifes should be afraid of Daniele then he obviously didn't watch the prior seasons. Theresa had Dani shitting her pants and Ashley pulling her hair made her cry and run to the police. These wives will be just fine and Dani really better watch her back, after all, she's the one who truely has a jaded background.


anita... anitarichman

Why would Melissa have to run run run if Danielle is coming back?  I would think it is Teresa that has to run run run.   Anyhow, I hope that Danielle doesn't come back on the show, she's so annoying.

Lucille Mason

melissa is going to be exposed,danielle has all the tweets that melissa sent to her,before she came on show.if wako  jacko comes  back,she better watch out for danielle too.danielle knows lots of  secrets

tuffy... tuffymama

I'm not watching anymore. Danielle is a filthy pig. Gross.

But, I am encouraged, because maybe this means Jill Zarin can return to RHONY? I will totally start watching NY again if she returns. Especially if Louann gets the boot.

nonmember avatar AmandaStarr

Andy Cohen is a genius! That's all I have to say.

Jodi Hodson

Danielle is garbage. I love BRAVO & Andy but seriously- how could they? Why not bring in a new housewife that stirs the pot. I am sure there are plenty out there. 

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