'DWTS' Results Recap: Kelly Monaco Already Has Her Trophy

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After how amazing all of the performances on last night's episode of Dancing With the Stars were, it was pretty much impossible to predict what would happen on tonight's results show.

All five contestants definitely deserved to be in the finals, but after tonight's double elimination, two of them have officially danced their last dance -- unless of course ABC winds up doing another All-Stars season down the road.

But regardless of who made it to next week's final round, it's pretty clear who is the biggest winner overall. Because Kelly Monaco will take away something this season that is way more important than the mirror ball trophy.

Um, duh -- she found herself one heck-of-a-hunk-of-a-man in Val Chmerkovskiy.

I don't care if Kelly has a boyfriend, and I don't care that he's been sitting in the audience in agony each week watching her steamy and undeniable chemistry with Val. (Hello awkward.)

Kelly and Val are so damn hot together that even fans like me who are watching the show from the comfort of our own living rooms can feel the fire between them -- and that's not something that most people find every day. A lot of us will go an entire lifetime without experiencing that kind of passion, so even if Kelly loses in next week's finals, it's okay, because she's really already won.

Yes, I said "next week's finals," and yes -- Kelly and Val secured themselves a spot.

As for who they'll be competing against for the title? Well, the ladies have it this time around, as Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft also made it through.

While it's kind of sad to see Apolo Ohno and Emmitt Smith go home, having a final of just ladies should make the competition especially interesting and even more cut throat.

Are you happy with who wound up in the DWTS finals? Who do you think will win?


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Jess Chaplain

Shawns defffffff going to win. Val and Kelly are so hot though....ahh

Rosalie McGough

I was afraid Kelly would not make it.  I felt the judges were quite tough on her through the entire competition. I don't understand why.  It just seemed they were trying to sabotage her chances for a win.  I didn't feel Shawn was consistent.  I thought Melissa did a smashing job and deserves to be in the finals, but I really do feel Kelly should take it all.  Especially after the crap they put her through the first time she appeared and won.  We'll see soon enough.  <3


Maryann Tarantino

Hoping and wishing for Melissa...she has certainly earned it!

Cindy Sensenig Dobbs

I'm hoping Melissa wins, too.  She has improved the most this season.  Many of the past winners just stayed flat throughout the season and did the same old thing.  I was very disappointed that Kelly made it to the final.  That flamenco was terrible, especially the end part where they were dancing in the water.  She is definitely overrated.  And the reason they "put her through that crap" the first season was because she didn't deserve to win.  The judges gave her perfect scores for a final dance where she clearly made missteps.  It was such obvious favoritism.  I was glad she was "called out."  John O'Hurley was robbed the first season.

CAP1015 CAP1015

If there was ever any doubt about the results being manipulated it is cannot be disputed now.  You cannot used the judges scores and tell me that Apollo didn't recieve more votes than at least one of the women.  The demographics of the callers/voters is almost predominately women and you are trying to sell us that the more women voted for other women over Apollo.  The fix is and has always been in.  As this is an entertainment show and not an official competition they can do what they want.  But it's wrong and in my opinion Kelly and Val are disgusting.  I'm a man BTW and don't find her attractive, only weird, vain and I'm sure her Fiance is really happy with her and Val's chemistry.  Just my opinion, I'm pulling hard for Melissa, she has shown some amazing improvement.  I also wouldn't mind seeing Shawn win.

despe... desperatelyTTC

I was hoping Apollo would make it in the finals over Kelly. Now I am just hoping melissa wins. She is a dang good dancer and deserves a mirror ball too.

Gene McIntosh

Finally got what he deserved weeks ago - so long Emmitt; I figured the arm chair QB's and black voters would over award him this season just like they did last time. The girls are all good and Gilles should have had a shot at the finals.

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