New '50 Shades of Grey' Musical Could Be a Disaster in the Making

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theater seatsIf you thought Fifty Shades of Grey fever had died down since the summer, THINK AGAIN! There are still plenty of crazy, silly illustrated examples of how the steamy series continues to "dominate" (ha ha, get it?) pop culture. Like the "unauthorized" theatrical adaptation, 50 Shades! The Musical, which is opening at the Apollo Theater in Chicago. Oh yes. FOR REAL. 

Okay, so, not exactly 100 percent for real, as in ... It's not a serious interpretation of the book set to music. Created by a comedy troupe called Baby Wants Candy, it opens with a ladies' book club deciding to read E.L. James' book. According to the Sun Times, "Through their interpretation of the novel, the audience is led on a hilarious roller coaster ride of this unlikely bestseller." Hoooo boy!

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to go to see a show that features songs with titles like, "I Don’t Make Love, I F#*!", "They Get Nasty", and "There's a Hole Inside Me." Oof.

Well, it won't be the first parody to take the stage -- there's already another show called SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody playing at another Chicago theaterStill, sounds like maaaaybe just maybe these funny gals and guys are taking E.L. James' tale a wee bit too far? Do we really need not one but TWO Fifty Shades of Grey musicals?!

All right, maybe we do ... as long as they're legitimately hilarious. But a serious musical based on the book would definitely be completely ridiculous and truly uncalled for. Let's take this one step at a time, people. First comes the book, then comes a movie. And if, only if, Broadway gets super-desperate and way hard-up for cash can the thought of a dramatic re-telling of the story on stage even cross a producer's brain ... Too bad we can be sure it probably already has!

Would you see a funny Fifty Shades musical? How 'bout a serious one?

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Tammy Shook Propst

FSOG is soooo not a musical type!!! Not really sure it can be a movie and do it justice!! It needs a MA rating... Sounds more like an HBO series!!


Suzette Eastham

Of Course i would! Everyone loves a good Parady to make ya laugh well most everyone! but I think the story could be told dramatically on stage as well! It's not like Broadway has never done anything Risque' before right lol!

PonyC... PonyChaser

Ok, I read the title of this post, and immediately the image of the Friends episode where Joey is in the musical "Freud!" popped into my head. This is how I picture a 50 SOG play to go... just like that. Horrible. Painful to watch, with some actor who can't dance (but put it on his resume anyway), trying to softshoe his way across the stage, while singing, "All you want is a penis". No, no, no. Just so very wrong.

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