'50 Shades of Grey' Ultimate Cast List Includes Some Ridiculous Choices for Christian Grey

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Alexander SkarsgardIs anyone else the slightest bit curious as to how much longer we're going to have to wait to see who gets cast as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? I mean, now that Twilight is officially over, we need a new flick to obsess over -- and Fifty Shades is as good a choice as any, right?

Well, the movie may have a screenwriter, but we probably shouldn't get our hopes up as far as hearing official casting news any time soon goes, especially since there are so many names being thrown around as possibilities for the film's leading roles. Get this one: a new ultimate Fifty Shades fan cast list has nearly 50 actors mentioned to play Christian -- and some of the names that made the cut may surprise you.

The list was published in Look magazine, and yes, the major contenders are on there, including Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Gosling. But let's examine a few of the other dudes on the list, some of whom will make you do a double-take and say, "What the hell?"

Joey McIntyre -- Yes, that Joey McIntyre, as in Joey from New Kids on the Block. Um, how are we supposed to be turned on by him when we can't get the sound of him singing "Please Don't Go Girl" out of our heads?

Johnny Depp -- Sure, he's sexy and mysterious and all that good stuff -- but Christian Grey doesn't strike me as the type who's into the whole pirate thing.

Russell Brand -- Gross. The end.

Justin Bieber -- His name has popped up on the Fifty Shades radar screen before, but every time it resurfaces, the idea sounds more and more ridiculous.

Jared Leto -- Um, have you seen the photo of him in drag yet? 'Nuff said.

George Clooney -- Yeah, I don't think so. Christian is supposed to be in his 30s, not his 80s.

Jon Bon Jovi -- Really? Don't get me wrong, Jon is awesome, but former hair band members and Christian Grey just don't mix.

Who is your ultimate Christian Grey?


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nonmember avatar Alisha

Ian Somerhalder. His eyes are perfect, his jaw is perfect, his hair would need lightened, but other that he is PERFECT!!

Amanda L. Ennis

Ian Somerhalder is the ONLY choice!!!

Tereena Basler

Who cares that Jared Leto dressed in drag! It's not like he's going to be in drag in the movie! I think he would be perfect with his eyes...to make Anastasia nervous!

Melissa Jane Herrera

they should let the fans choose and i choose ian Somerhalder

Alejandra Contreras

I think Joey McIntyre would make a great Christian Grey

Stacia Packard Otero

Channing Tatum!!!Channing Tatum!!!Channing Tatum!!!

Carmen Guthrie

Ian Somerhalder for sure!!

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