Christina Aguilera & Her Butt Made 'Booty-ful' Music Together at the AMAs (VIDEO)

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christina aguileraHey, good news! You can stop beating yourself up about missing the American Music Awards last night, because I'm gonna tell you everything you need to know about the 40th Annual AMA Broadcast. So in case people are still talking about it around the watercooler or whatever tomorrow and you're too ashamed to admit you forgot about the most important night of the year, here are a few handy phrases to help you fake your way through the conversation: Justin Bieber sure did win a lot of awards! Nicky Minaj sure did win a lot of awards! Psy and MC Hammer, how awesome was that?! And last, but not least: Christina Aguilera sure did rock a lot of badonkadonk, how awesome was that?!

Oh, come on, it WAS pretty awesome ...

Look, I know not everybody likes. Big. Butts (andtheycannotlie). And Xtina was most definitely packing an extra load of junk in that trunk o'hers. But instead of slamming Aguilera for "gaining weight" or "letting herself go," why not give the girl some credit? Her backside was the most compelling thing on that stage. Seriously, could YOU look away?

Now that's what I call entertainment.

I mean, far be it from me to criticize a diva's derriere. As for her performance, however ...

I'm all for hula hoops and drag queens, but those bags on everybody's heads I could've done without. Thank god we had Christina's bountiful booty to take our minds off those creepy things!

What did you think of Christina Aguilera's look at the AMAs?


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bills... billsfan1104

I feel like something is medically wrong with her. She has gained that weight so fast. She is still beautiful.

Liane... Lianetherider

I was too excited to see the wonderful Allusia (red-haired drag queen) on stage to pay much attention to Christina!

youth... youthfulsoul

Ya it's called having a baby

missusmc missusmc

Um, her baby is 3 and a half years old.  Probably can't blame the weight gain on that.  I agree that she looks unhealthy.  She's pretty short, too, isn't she, so she probably can't gain weight and hide it like taller women,  I'm not trying to be critical- I'm in the same boat due to hypothyroidism... I do hope she is being advised by a doctor to determine if there is an underlying medical reason for the weight gain.

youth... youthfulsoul

Well my oldest "baby" is 18 and my weight still fluctuates all over the place since I started having kids, so yeah, not everyone has great genes. 

She looks fuller than she used to but who cares, is it anyone's business really?



Andi Dodd

As a very confident fat chick, I vote she's absolutely beautiful how many extra pounds she's carrying.  I am also happy to see that she's not overly concerned and definitely ok with herself the way she is.  She is truly a role model, in my opinion. 

nonmember avatar Beth

I think it's great that she embraces her curves, but she's not doing herself any favors by constantly dressing like a drag queen. She needs a new stylist, as she looks ridiculous most the of the time.

nonmember avatar Thinker

Sorry, but she looks fat to me. And the weight makes her look much older than she really is. She would look a lot better if she dropped 30 to 50.

paige... paige8608

What the fuck did I just watch?! lol

I hate the growling-singing that she does. Ugh...shut the hell up & sing normally. She has a pretty voice, so I dunno why she chooses to sing like that. 

And the dude with the hot pink speedo with the star on! 

nonmember avatar DAve_in_Xtina

As soon as the opportunity comes up, me and Christina are going to the nearest buffet, and I'm gonna rub her big paunch so she can fit every last possible calorie into her face!! Oh my gawd, is that gonna be HOT!!

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