'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Tipsy Taylor Armstrong Almost Ruined Yolanda's Dinner Party

Taylor ArmstrongRemember how Taylor Armstrong used to be all puppy-dog eager, overly sweet, accommodating, and needy for anyone and everyone to like her? Well, not so much anymore. In fact, so far on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she's been quite the smug biatch ... and it's NOT an improvement, as evidenced by her behavior at Yolanda and David Foster's dinner party tonight.

First, can we talk about that house? Un-freaking-believable. Did you see that refrigerator?! (All glass from floor to ceiling, with everything arranged in color groups, if you missed it.) And the views. Sigh. Yolanda is a self-professed perfectionist who wishes she was Martha Stewart's daughter. She picks rose petals from her gardens and lemons from her lemon orchard to ensure every detail is perfect. She doesn't like ugly things marring her beautiful life, and tonight that's just what Taylor did.

"There's nothing more ugly than a drunk woman," Yolanda said of Taylor.

Taylor seemed drunk before they even entered the house, but as the night went on, it became more obvious. Sitting at the dinner table, she was once again telling anyone who would listen that Brandi Glanville (who was sadly absent) has slept with every man in Beverly Hills. She was vicious, and sloppy, and she really needs to get over that whole issue because it was a JOKE.

Then she got worse when they went to sit around the piano, as she pouted about not being allowed to sing because, hello, there were amazing professionals there to do that. (She was also likely still miffed that David Foster didn't seem to know who the hell she was even though she said she was close to his ex-wife.) Then she had the gall to complain about the music choice. "Now I'm in a rotten mood, thanks for dinner, Yolanda," she told the cameras. Yolanda didn't like her behavior one bit, but at least the drama was minimal in the scheme of Housewives dinner parties, and the butler is off the hook. 

Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump also kept things civil, as uncomfortable as it was. I thought Paul might blow, but they all kept things in check ... for now. Both think the other owes her an apology, and neither seems inclined to give one, so I'm not sure they're ever going to reconnect. Personally, I don't really care if they do either, except for the fact that it's getting ridiculously boring watching it drag on.

The episode ended with the two women meeting for lunch, and a big cliffhanger, "Um ..." So I guess we'll see, and then hopefully we can move on to something a little more interesting. 

What did you think of Taylor's behavior at Yolanda's party tonight? Who is dying to go to a dinner party at Yolanda's?


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Stephanie Reese

When you are sitting around a piano at a party, it is perfectly o.k. to sign along. They were not there for a concert. Lighten up.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Taylor was not wrong to request that they play a different song as they were playing an Irish funueral song...need she remind everyone of her husband Russel?

Donna L. Barksdale

I really can't answer, because Taylor isn't one of my favorite Housewives...


glori.b glori.b

She always has to make every thing about her. I cant stand that about her. If you dont want to sing, fine, shut your Garage door of a mouth and be quiet and listen. There are people there that want to maybe sing and listen to someone more talented than you Taylor. Hope Yolanda dosent invite her to her lovely home anymore, she was rude to David Foster, after all the lovely preparations for dinner and special guests that they included. Taylor is a selfcentered little twit. If she is still mourning her husband, why is she out partying , drinking and flaunting that huge mouth of hers? She is discusting.


Andrea Pantaleo

Taylor is a little moody especially during a funeral song.. I agree. I wouldn't fault her for that espeically after all she went through in real life.

Kay Wiermaa

Taylor is a drunken slurry mess.  I love Adrienne and I don't know if Lisa sold articles or just appeared in magazines, but perhaps A should apologize for hurting Lisa at the very least.  Then Lisa can also mend it and apologize with Adrienne.  I sort of like Yolanda, and David Foster has earned his place, but can you say 'overly opulent'?  Such excess.....

nonmember avatar GUEST

Taylor is a social climbing liar. She was out of line. If you go to someone's home as a guest then you are expected to behave in a certain way even if you do not like the way they are doing things but in your house you do it your way but in their house you do it their way.

nonmember avatar Nancy

also would like to say why does Lisa have to make up with Adrian? Who says they have to be friends if she doesn't want to be. she is not running around town talking about her or trying to start conflict with the other ladies and Adrians so I don't understand why people making such a big deal out of it! i have people i lived next door to now that i don't speak to because they just are not my cup of tea and vice versa!

abra819 abra819

Taylor is a dingbat. That woman is also one the the ugliest women I've ever seen.

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