Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' Confessions Are TMI (VIDEO)

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robert pattinsonJust in case it wasn't abundantly clear already, just in case you had any lingering doubts over Robert Pattinson's true feelings about the Twilight Saga experience, I've found a video that should put all questions to rest. It's a supercut of RPatz interviews about the series. Let's just say... he's not going to miss being Edward. In fact, the only thing he is going to miss about Twilight are the SK-II face packs. Yup, the swag from the makeup trailer.

But really, you should hear it all from Robert himself. By the way, ever wonder how, exactly, he would like to personally maul the person who coined the name, "Robsten"? Well he's only too happy to tell you that as well. Oh Robert/Twilight interviews, I miss you already!

My special favorites from the video:

The books were too long. And that first one? "It seemed like a book that shouldn't be published." Ouch, does Stephenie Meyer know?

"I was convinced that Stephenie (Meyer) was convinced she was Bella... This woman was mad!"

In real life Edward Cullen would be an ax murderer. And Bella loves him even after he tells her he's killed 50 or so people and wants to kill her, too. "There's definitely something wrong with her, and there's obviously something very wrong with me."

He thinks he didn't make enough money on the series.

Despite playing a vampire several times Robert feels he actually did very little actual... vampire-ing. "I don't really get to do any vampire stuff. I don't get to kill anyone."

He says his acting style for Edward was a mix between acting constipated and looking stoned.

Robert describes what he thought the funniest scene of the series was -- you'll have to hear him tell it, though!

What will you miss most about Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen?


Image via Access Hollywood/Andrew Gauthier/YouTube

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nonmember avatar sarah

dont bite the hand that feeds you. i wouldnt be putting down the role that made me a household name. what was he doing before this? i can think of one thing harry potter. the only person who seems greatful of his big break it taylor. maybe some of these actors dont like the movies but show some class and respect to the people paying you and building you up. oh and by the way robbie, i make $12 an hour, lets compare who doesnt make enough money for what they do.

Jennifer Lyons-Sigouin

Oh please...these are ALL taken out of context.!! They're all clips from different interviews making him seem ungrateful and rude but we all know he's not like that! Come on now he shops for cars on craigslist so money is NO object for him! 

nonmember avatar Meichele

I am with Jennifer...all the articles I have read on Cafe Mom seem very sensationalistic.....and always kind of embellishing on the bad or shocking.

April Marchant

like i said before the man has nothing to bitch about how could he when he is set for life and living large. I share a small house with my mother and spend my days taking care of her, money is always short and times are always hard for us but we spent the money to go see his movies and he is going to bitch about his role come on.  like my mother always said money changes people and i am sure that is true. rpatz did an interview on ellen and said he only signed up for the first 3 movies of twilight , bd was not even written yet, so he could have turned the  role down if he did not like the price they were willing to pay. just an FYI

Jaime Schulang

Obviously the author can't take a joke.  The article reads as if Rob is an ungrateful person, but the clips show his humor coming through.  I agree with what Jennifer has said.  This article is misleading and pure rubbish.

nonmember avatar Nikki

I agree with Jennifer! Obviously the person before her is not a Rob fan or they would know that those are diff interviews.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

while he's not wrong, bad mouthing movies you've acted in has ruined more than one career. 

Brittney Hottle

he was so sexy in those was kristen though they were both so awesome...but rob...yea he was amazing.

Heather Yochum

Nikki i have to agree but honestly im not a fan of rob but i knew it was different interviews rob is a good actor but honestly he shouldnt even joke about those things

nonmember avatar Klein

I really like Rob but I think it is crass and ungrateful to talk about Twilight like he is. If not for Twilight we wouldn't even know who he is. He should be grateful for the role instead of putting the franchise down!!

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