'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Has the Best Excuse for Being Single

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maci bookoutHaving been in and out of a couple of different relationships over the past year or so, Maci Bookout is now speaking out on how happy she is to be riding solo. At MTV's Restore the Shore benefit event last week, she told Us Weekly, "I've been single for four or five months -- happily. It's awesome." Apparently, she's lovin' the single life so much because she got totally tired of having to play mommy to not one, but two boys ...

She elaborated, "[I love] not having to be anyone's mom but Bentley's. These guys [I've met and dated] are cool, and then three months into it, I'm like, 'You are a child and I'm your mother. You're grounded. Leave me alone.' The only mom I want to be is Bentley's mom." Wow! Go Maci! Because, seriously, what woman hasn't felt like that at one time or another?

Granted, it's not fair to say all men are looking significant others who will willingly become Mommy 2.0, but there are many guys -- especially at Maci's age -- who just aren't ready to do the heavy lifting required in a serious relationship. Or may be dead set on acting all sorts of immature. And come on, what does any woman -- especially a single mom! -- need that for?!

But Maci can't keep men at an arm's length forever, worrying that they're going to be as much trouble as her toddler. At some point -- probably sooner rather than later -- she's going to dip her toe back in the dating pool. And whenever that is, maybe she'll want to consider someone who is older, more mature, more put-together ... After all, there's nothing wrong with zeroing in on finding someone who can offer you the relationship you need and deserve.

Too bad it sounds like neither Kyle King nor Kyle Regal could give that to Maci. But if she stays focused on finding that guy who isn't looking for a second mommy, she's totally bound to land her Mr. Right. At least we can keep our fingers crossed for her -- and Bentley!

Do you feel Maci's pain?


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txbel... txbelleinky

yes I feel the same way right now!


nonmember avatar kaerae

whoa, whoa, whoa...you need an EXCUSE for being single? Wow, Maressa just passed Todd Akin for most piggish sentiment of the year!

nonmember avatar Kayla

I am 21 and my son is four. I have had two relationships since I had my son and I felt that I was being a mom not only to my son, but also to that guy I was dating. So of course those relationships didn't last long. Between being a mom, a full time student, and working a full time job...I don't have time to be a mom to an immature man. Love should never be a burden, but a pleasure.

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