Nicole Brown Simpson's 'Real' Killer May Be Exposed & It's Not Who You Think It Is (VIDEO)

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A new documentary claims to know who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson. Oh, wait, you think you already know? Oh, right, riiiight. Her ex-husband, famed football player O.J. Simpson. He was found guilty at a civil trial. Yet he was found not guilty at a criminal trial. And now he's in jail for some other weird stuff that had nothing to do with Nicole -- but we all chalked it up to karma. But what if he didn't do it?

A new TV documentary suggests that a serial killer by the name of Glen Rogers (which has to be the least serial killery name in history) was the real culprit. And, not only that, it claims O.J. knew he's the one who did it (despite his almost-published book called If I Did It). Sooooooo ... why didn't O.J. say anything awhile ago if he knew who really did it?

According to the new documentary, which takes most of its information from Glen's brother, Clay, Glen was one of those weird serial killer type dudes from the time they were kids. He would eventually brag about killing at least 50 people. No one in his family believed him. Then, when he began bragging that he met Nicole in Los Angeles and was "partying" with her and that he was "going to take her down" -- again, no one believed him. But then, ya know, she ended up dead. Oh, and then he confessed to the crime years later, when he happened to be in prison for killing two other women.

Reportedly, Glen was able to tell a criminal profiler things about Nicole's murder that no one else would have known -- quite a feat since the trial was probably one of the most watched spectacles of the century. Also a receipt showed that he was working near where the murders of Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman, happened.

Oh ... and Glen may have killed Nicole at the behest of none other than O.J. himself -- who allegedly paid Glen to break into Nicole's house and steal a pair of $20,000 earrings. He also reportedly told him to "kill the bitch" if necessary.

This story brings up more questions than it answers. For instance, Glen's brother, Clay, says he finally believed his brother's tales about being a serial killer when he found a dead man on their childhood property. So then why wouldn't he say something to authorities after Nicole was found murdered? And why wouldn't O.J. say something about Glen? Even if it could be proven he paid Glen to steal earrings, he could always deny he said to "kill the bitch." And why didn't investigators ever follow up on Glen as a possible suspect if he knew so much about the murders?

The documentary, My Brother the Serial Killer, airs on ID channel on Wednesday. Maybe it will clear everything up. But somehow I doubt it.

Who do you think killed Nicole?


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abra819 abra819

This man (oj) is 100% guilty. I'm not here for debate. Peace.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Read Darden's book and then confirm what he said about Ito and the trial with the other books and you will see it was impossible for it not to be OJ.  What is amazing is the amount of evidence that was allowed in the civil trial that was disallowed in the criminal trial.  The only way this Glen Rogers did it was if he and OJ did it together, the blood evidence cannot be dismissed. 

tuffy... tuffymama

It was completely OJ. Maybe he had an assist from AC on the back end hiding some evidence, but OJ did it.

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