'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Don't You Dare Call Kenya Moore Miss America!

Kenya Moore and Porscha StewartSince Kenya Moore joined RHOA this season, she's come off as nothing but rude, aggressive, and completely narcissistic. I thought maybe that was just to set things up, and that we'd eventually see another side to her that was nicer and more likable, but after tonight, I'm thinking that's about all there is.

Now, when she started telling Phaedra Parks about her childhood, and how her mother deserted her when she was young, and how difficult that was, I started feeling for her. Then she went to the charity event hosted by new girl Porsha Stewart, and she pretty much lost any sympathy she may have gained. Her challenging childhood may help explain her bad behavior, but it doesn't excuse it.

Let's take a minute to discuss Porsha, though. Like, is she for real? And why the hell did her husband, Kordell Stewart, come into the charity event to ogle her and give her a Chanel bag? It was bizarre. She's bizarre. And I can't wait to see more of her and her chirpy little voice this season, especially now that she and Kenya have already come to blows.

Anyway, Kenya had a bad attitude at the event from the get-go, saying that she's "part of history" and this was beneath her. Then Porsha went and twisted her title when introducing her, and she was livid. Should Porsha have known that Kenya was Miss USA instead of Miss America? I suppose that in the name of due diligence she should have before introducing her, but the woman barely knows what the word "recession" means, so Kenya should have let it slide.

Instead she was furious over the mistake and acted every bit the diva she is. She told the cameras it was as offensive as someone calling Michelle Obama the First Lady of Zimbabwe. Did I mention she was a little narcissistic?

When she got up to go outside in the middle of the meal, it was just plain rude. It was an event for charity and she should have put her ego aside and sucked it up for a good cause. But she couldn't even be bothered to feign a headache and leave; instead she was just going to hightail it out of there without even saying goodbye. “This heifer gets on the microphone and calls me Miss America,” she told her friend Lawrence who was en route to the party.

Kenya wasn't able to make a stealth escape, however, because Porsha came outside for the second time to kick Kenya out of the party. Kenya called the event "whack" and told Porsha to Google her. But Porsha got in the last biting blow. "You're so old!" she told Kenya. Ouch. I don't see a reconciliation coming anytime soon, do you?

Do you think Kenya overreacted?


Image via Bravo

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fleur... fleurdelys3110

Kenya is horrible. And if I were her, I would want to be mistaken for Miss America! That pagent was created as a scholarship foundation, and all the contestants have at least completed undergraduate degrees and use whatever funds they might win to further their education. Miss USA was created as a promotional event for a swimsuit company and is based solely on looks and the winner gets stuff like cars, jewelry, etc. 

Marie L. Moody

Over reacting?  She is insane!  How she has any friends, I will never know, actually I don't think she has any!  Of all the housewives, she is the rudest, meanest and most arrogant of the bunch.  The way she behaves is deplorable...can't even look at her!


Pinkmani Pinkmani

Before I read the article, I was staring at Portia's donkey booty! Anyways, Kenya is rude.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Kenya being a part of History I don't think so but she is History. But she was right about Porsha riding on the Family name, She needs to get out there and do something because that Charity event looked more like small dinner party and she was the center of it with her husband bringing her a gift then handing her a check at least the other Housewives would have brought more friends and maybe made it more interesting except Nene and Kim those two could be left out.


Bernice Westover

Kenya is a legend in her own mind.  Made me have a flash back to "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" where Bette Davis was a famous child star, that's all she did and even as an old woman was still dressing like Baby Jane hoping to be recognized, but no one did.  If Kenya wants to stay in the limelight, she needs the light to shine to the current and future and quit relying in Miss USA, because every day she's a day older than she was when she attained that title. 

Porsha is just young and naive, that was evident at their lunch when she was chattering away, sounded just like a teenager.  She's trying to carry on the charity that her grandfather started, it was obvious that she was out of her element.  Someone that is seasoned in these types of events needed to take her under their wing and helped her out as far as how to conduct one, protocol, etc.

I like Porsha, she was fresh and young, I didn't miss Sheree, but if it came between her and Kenya, then welcome back Sheree and put Kenya in the rear view mirror. 

Vicki Gerard Aita

Kenya is by far the worst RHOATL....ever!!! Porsha may have needed to do more research on her invited guest, but sneaking out of a charity event is very childish and extremely rude. I could do without Kenya on the show, but I guess that's what makes for good TV viewing.

hexxuss hexxuss

This article makes me glad I don't watch TV (true story - don't even have basic stations - no converter box & NO plan to ever get one). Even with reading the small bits that I have, I wonder if these people will ever realize that the world is laughing AT them, not WITH them? =)

Norma J Brill

   Get her off, shes just a wannabe and with her attitude she will never earn respect. She makes her own self look like a joke. When she walks into a room she expect everyone to know that   ( SHE WAS A MISS USA )  That title has gone to her narrow minded brain. GET OVER YOURSELF KENYA.

paige... paige8608

Kenya needs to go! She said Porsha was riding on the coat tails of others...however, I really don't know who the fuck Kenya is! She is a self-proclaimed celebrity & thinks WAAAY to highly of herself. She is old & if I were the guy that she's trying to marry, I would RUN as fast as I could! She embarrasses herself & is rubbing each of the ladies the wrong way...they have real success & she's just jealous and insecure...obviously. She will get what's coming to her. 

Austin Keenan

Since when is NOT winning Ms Congeniality something to brag about?    Don't these pageants (both of them) sell themselves as setting an example for young women?     She needs to get over herself,    most people think these pageants are a farce,  she's just verifying that.  

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