'Sister Wives' Season 3B Premiere Recap: Let's All Cry About Money & Babies (VIDEO)

sister wives 3b premiereSo, I know this is kind of confusing, but tonight was the season 3 premiere of Sister Wives. Huh? Didn't we already see season 3 of Sister Wives? Well, sort of -- just not the whole thing. Hence this evening's Sister Wives season 3B premiere. Which, so far, isn't all that different from season 3A: Lots of blonde women and children on a couch (plus one brunette and one blonde guy on a couch), crying and stressing and sobbing and wringing their hands about money and babies and relationships and how in the holy heck Kody is supposed to maintain his surfer dude hair what with all the crying and stressing and babies and blah, blah, blah.

That said, there were a few new (highly dramatic) developments tonight ...

Ready for the highlights? Okay, here goes ...

Christine (and Janelle) seem even more frustrated/ready to call it a day than ever before. (Can we blame Robyn? Yes.)

The kids are only sort of all right. ('Specially Madison, who big time misses Utah and never, ever wants to "share her husband.")

Robyn's credit isn't that bad after all! (One less thing to throw in her face, Christine and Janelle.) So apparently a Brown family compound is in the works, for real.

Mariah really, really, really wants her mom (Meri) to have another baby (via Robyn's surrogacy offer). She really does.

The wives are apparently launching some sort of fashion-based website. Which Kody, for the record, doesn't feel comfortable promoting, because he feels like a "boy toy."

Oh, Kody. You so ... crazy. (Seriously. I'm not being glib. You. So. Crazy.)

Did you watch tonight's Season 3B premiere of Sister Wives? What did you think?

Image via TLC

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Brady Atkins

why coudnt u build 2 townhouses and connect them?

Craft... CraftyJenna

I think this is super jusgemental. I think they are kind of odd, and it's not my lifestyle, but I don't think it's all that bad either. they are all consenting adults who entered this relationship under no false pretense and of their own free will; it's what they want, why do you care so much? They aren't hurting you. 

nonmember avatar Tonya


They may be consenting adults, but look at the umpteen kids they have brought along for their dysfunctional ride. Those kids have, at best, a very part-time dad. The girls have grown up with the example that they don't deserve their own husband. They all have had to witness their mothers' frustrations and jealousies that their lifestyle brings. They have full siblings and half siblings and three pseudo moms. They were jerked up and moved away from everything they knew and loved because the family had to run from the law.

So. When people go screwing up hoards of children....yeah. I judge.

silve... silverdawn99

Quite honestly I dont think they will last. obviously they are already have problems and they just keep adding stuff to the mix. it seems to me that Robyn just wanted a man to take care of her

early... earlybird11

I always liked them but now that robyn has toldher story I worry like the above shr was only looking for security

Straw... StrawberryCool

I hate Robyn. Shes the reason most of this is happening! Im about to turn the premiere on.

Sarah Stone

I've not gotten to see this show in a long time! Though this is not the sort of thing I believe in, I find it very interesting that some of the kids are ok with having that lifestyle, and some of them are wanting to live differently.

Lisa Greene

Kody creeps me out. I dont care for him at all. I am trying to like the show but I just cant get into it.


Tricia Powers

These people have used the bankruptcy laws to file for bankruptcy over and over.  These documents are available on the Internet.  Janelle filed as a single person in 1997, having $13,000 in mostly credit card debt forgiven.  Then apparently Kody and Meri put everything for everybody on their credit cards, because they then filed bankruptcy as a couple.  Then Christine filed just as the show was starting on March 2, 2010.  She had $25,000. in mostly credit card debt forgiven.  These people couldn't afford to take care of the kids they had in 1997.  Now they have added ten more kids and another wife.  How irresponsible is this?  They are asking the rest of us to foot the bill for their lifestyle while they debate going through in vitro fertilization to add an 18th kid.     

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