Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Massive Fight Is a Sign the End Is Near

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selena gomez justin bieberIf they weren't already broken up for good, then they might be for real as of today, because supposedly Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a major fight while having dinner on Friday night.

An eyewitness at the Japanese restaurant where they were dining in the San Fernando Valley apparently told TMZ that the couple started fighting at the dinner table, and abruptly got up and left just 10 minutes after sitting down to eat.

Wait -- it gets worse.

They reportedly left the restaurant in separate cars, and Selena arrived back at her pad a few minutes before the Biebs. And when he finally pulled up in his white Ferrari, Selena was apparently so pissed off that she wouldn't open the gate for him.

Yep -- if this report is true, she totally locked him out of her house. (Don't ya love it?)

And if she really did deny him entrance into her home, you'd think he'd take it as a sign that things were officially over for good. But then early Saturday morning, Justin's car was supposedly seen driving away from Selena's house -- so she must have let him in at some point?

Wow. It's getting kind of hard to keep tabs on these two. First they break up over trust issues. Then they're both spotted at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, which means they might be "reconciling." And then they wind up fighting at dinner, Selena locks him out (maybe), but then Justin possibly sweet talks his way back in and they spend the night together.

Man, young love is just so freakin' tough to keep up with. (Crazy kids.)

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear the next chapter in this little soap opera. And something tells me their story isn't going to have a happy ending.

Do you think Justin and Selena are really over for good?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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xiolxuo xiolxuo

^ I agree

twyli... twyliatepeka

They are just one of those on again off again couples. They are dealing with distance & that is hard for even adults much less a couple as young as they are.

Georgette Beltran

Selena and Justin are two beautiful, successful, young stars, and they seem to have really enjoyed each other's company. It is normal for them to fight, especially if there are trust issues. Justin is a handsome, awesome star to many young girls, who will surely swoon over him, and some would even seduce him endlessly, It is hard for a star to keep being so strong if Selena is far away. Selena is very pretty too, and a very good actress/singer at that. At this point, they should seek some mediation or counseling, so they can hear each other more clearly, and make some agreements as to what are their boundaries, in regard to relating with other people outside their relationship. At this point, they are still young, and can make positive changes in their characters and behaviors. I'd say, as a relationships counselor, these two should work first on their challenging relationships and salvage it before letting it go completely.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

I agree with the last comment. And to the first two- don't read it then! God how many times do we tell people that? U see the title of the post so don't click it

nonmember avatar Salina

I completely agree with Georgette! And I am with you xxshelbyxx. Makes no sense to me as to why people will read something they will just have negative comments about.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Because some of this stuff is so bizzare you just want to see how dumb it is.

seren... serenity58

"Yep,she totally locked him out of her house........Wait it gets worse".....That's the sad part.A grown woman sounding like a teenager,that is the tune out part of the article.....on top of WHO CARES.

It is when these bloggers post such insignificant,none of your business anyway "news",then comment like such immature teens,you wander if they got tired and just posted something to take up space.DUH!

ethi g

nonmember avatar trenae

they may have had many fights but that is what a relationship is bout cuz if it is not somebody is fakin it and everybody should know that

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