'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Reviews Are Split But Everyone Loves the Surprise Ending (VIDEO)

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Breaking Dawn Part 2

The day is finally here! It's here! Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiered today! You can go get your fill of Edward, Bella, and Jacob and celebrate the final installment in this record-breaking Twilight saga. Twihards, rejoice!

And of course the reviews about the movie have been pouring in. Most likely, if you're a fan of the franchise, these reviews matter very little to you. But if you're on the fence about spending the money on a ticket, you may want to at least see what the experts are saying. Doesn't hurt, especially when movie tickets are getting to be so damn expensive, right?

So, we rounded up some blurbs from top reviewers so you can check out what they think. Behold, those intrigued by the phenomeon that is RPattz and KStew (and TLaut), the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 movie reviews.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone:

No more Twilight movies EVER! I'm so joyful that I might be overrating The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 by saying it's not half bad. Actually, it's almost completely bad. But there's a smidge of twisted energy in the final chapter as if everyone is relieved to be done with the damn thing.

Claudia Puig, USA Today:

Hair and make-up are only a couple of factors that seem schlocky. Special effects -- particularly the computer-generated wolves -- look surprisingly second-rate. Worse are the bad screenplay, lackluster performances, and turgid pacing. Lautner's abs are the only taut thing about this tween-centered soap opera.

Manohla Dargis, New York Times:

Despite the slow start Mr. Condon closes the series in fine, smooth style. He gives fans all the lovely flowers, conditioned hair and lightly erotic, dreamy kisses they deserve. Just as smartly he also shakes the series up with an unexpectedly fierce, entertaining battle that finds the Cullens, flanked by their wolf friends and various vampire allies, facing down the Volturi.

Adriana Velez, The Stir:

Well ... you heard there was a twist that's radically different from the book? It's radical all right. Some may find it cheesy. I was actually kind of relieved to see how things turned out. It was almost funny. I'll say no more except that it's really Alice who saves the day -- and common sense and prudence win in the end.

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly:

Breaking Dawn — Part 2 starts off slow but gathers momentum, and that's because, with Bella and Edward united against the Volturi, the picture has a real threat. It's structured as a classic monster-movie showdown, and when the two are standing with their ragtag rebel team in the Northwest snow, facing Aro and his monk-hooded Volturi army, the film takes off ...

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times:

[T]his is an important one -- "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" does not take itself too seriously. There are cheeky nods to the entire series throughout, with the tendency toward campy excess becoming an ongoing punch line. There is more humor in general, and our newly minted warrior princess is responsible for much of it.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:

I have now seen something like 10 hours about these vampires as they progress through immortality, and I'd rather see either version of "Nosferatu" that many times. I must admit if you're going to bring the series to a close, "Part 2" does it about as well as it can be done. It must be hard for Summit Entertainment to drop the final curtain on a series that has grossed billions, but it bit the bullet, and I imagine fans will be pleased.

Christy Lemire, Associated Press:

This is by far the best film in the series. This does not necessarily mean it's good. But as it reaches its prolonged and wildly violent crescendo, it's at least entertaining in a totally nutso way.

So, the overall takeaway? Don't expect the next Citizen Kane, but if you're a Twilight fan, you're gonna love it, and it's shaping up to be the best movie in the franchise -- which doesn't say much since the others weren't that great, but still! The epic battle scene alone may be worth the price of admission. And, really, we just gotta see how this whole thing ends!

Here's the official trailer to get yourself even more pumped up:

Are you going to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 this weekend?


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Gypsy... GypsyMa76

It was really good. I totally enjoyed it!


zombi... zombiemommy916

My daughter and I are having our "date night" on Tuesday! Enchiladas, nada coladas, and vampire war...can't wait!!

JaKeiveance Kstewlover ShaKeyle

I don't understand why these "critcs" are saying it was bad.... they must have went blind when they went in the theater or something.... Idk... but in the end their opinions don't really matter anyway nor do they determine the success of the film... That's up to all of the AMAZING fans and their support of this amazingly EPIC film...

Cheri Folena

Say what you will, the books were great fun to read, the acting was "ok" when you think of the silly stuff going on, and I was VERY surprised at how much I enjoyed this last one... for a while at the end, I wanted to walk out, glad I stayed, it was a really terrific way to depict what was going on behind the pages...

Cassandra Newsome Ribeiro

I loved it! The twist at the end was unexpected even though the fight was! But overall a great movie! Hopefully going again tonight!

nonmember avatar Non-Hater

Movie critics are such debbie downers and need to quit drinking haterade. The movie was awesome & very entertaining. So the movie critics can go be like justin timberlake and cry me a river cause the only thing that sucks is them and their boring reviews. Bam.

nonmember avatar darly

OMG! I just saw it. It was good, Thank God I have strong heart!

Stacy Pettigrew Veasey

It may not win any Oscars but for true fans of the franchise, it doesn't disappoint!  I cried, laughed and screamed!  It stays relatively true to the book and there are some surprises!  For TwiHards it's a must see!

nonmember avatar Rory

I dony understand the bad reviews.yes i realize these arent oscar type movies but nobody claimed they were.I get that everyone is entitled to an opinion but still cant understand the need to bash the movies.Its for entertainment and thats what they did.So let us fans enjoy this without being so negative.That being said, im off to see it again in an hour after sitting through marathon and pt 2 yesterday! Lol

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