'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Designer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Edward & Bella's Romantic 'I Do's

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twilight weddingAfter a YEAR of wild anticipation, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is finally in theaters, and Twi-hards can get their ultimate fix of Edward and Bella romance galore. But before you head out to see the exciting conclusion to the Twilight Saga, you might want to take a walk down memory lane. Remember how the sexy vampire couple first met, fell in love, and finally said their "I do"s. Awwww!

Although we've got plenty to look forward to seeing in BD2, there's not going to be anything quite like the extravagant wedding scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 1. That was out of this world. And to mark the special occasion that is the release of Twilight's final chapter, we got the inside scoop on how Edward and Bella's Big Day was built -- as well as behind-the-scenes details on BD2 (since they were shot back-to-back) -- from the film's wedding designer herself, world-class event designer Tammy Carmona ...

How did you score the job to design the wedding?

I had won a couple of [event design] competitions. The producers loved my work, and when they asked me, I said, "Are you kidding me?!" [I had] read the books, and I have a 19-year-old. So when I told my older daughter that I'd love to be the [film's] florist, she looked at me was like, "Mom, I know you're a Twi-hard, but cut it out!" It was an awesome experience. I've done Hollywood work before -- for Paris hilton, the WWE, I've done the Oscars, but this was extra special.

Where did you get your inspiration for the wedding design? Just from Stephenie Meyer's descriptions in the book or elsewhere, too?

We were trying to keep true to the book, but we did change a lot of things. [In the book,] the whole wedding was in the house. No matter what you do in the house, it's limited. And you have such a grand outside why would you want to limit it? There's much more you can do outdoors! In the book, there are ribbons on the trees on the way to the house. I thought that was too girly! And we didn't want to be too girly -- he's a vampire for Heaven's sake!! Girly bows just did not fit and a lot of things just like that. We [had to figure out] what would be better for the movie.

What was your greatest challenge while working on the wedding?

This was supposed to be a movie wedding we would remember forever, and [it wasn't supposed to look like] we weren't working on a $5 million budget. It's supposed to look like they were doing it themselves ... natural, which was a very hard thing to do. So, we tried 20 different centerpieces, and then we were like .. let's make it look like it's growing from the table. So we tried that, [putting] a little garden on every table. That's what gives the wedding this grand look and the hanging wisteria. ... We had a lot of trees, but we weren't allowed to touch the trees. We had to constantly replace flowers. But it was an amazing experience.

As a self-confessed Twi-hard, how did you feel about the twist ending of Breaking Dawn: Part 2?

I was happy with the ending because it was different/shocking. They were shooting that when they were doing the wedding. You know, [Edward]'s supposed to be 17, and [Rob]'s not getting any younger!

What did you love most about the wedding scene?

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nonmember avatar Sandra Davis

I'm a really huge fan of all the twilight movies, but yes it is sad for me to say I haven't yet got to watch breaking dawn 2. Oh but I can't wait til I'm able to see it. But I do have to say that I'm sad because this is the last of them making any more twilight movies. I believe I could watch those movie for the rest of my life and never get tired of them. We love you Bella, Edward, Jake, and yes all the rest of them. Because it wouldn't have been as it was if they did do as good as they done.

Rita Curry

  The wedding scene, was way or the top, and perfect.groombride

nonmember avatar twilight

I love the Twilight movies and I'm 63 yrs old. I have not been able to see BD2 yet and probably won't be able to until out on DVD. I'm retired and take care of my 91 yr old mother so no movies for me. I have the DVDs of them all and watch whenever I get the chance(which is quite often). I have never been a fan of any other movie or book before but this will forever be my favorite.

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