Emily Maynard's Botox Secret Makes Us Question Everything About Her

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Emily Maynard plastic surgeryWe can all breathe a sigh of relief. Emily Maynard is NOT going under the knife, despite the paparazzi photos that were snapped of The Bachelorette leaving a plastic surgeon's office.

"It's definitely a sad day for America when me getting a facial makes any kind of news," Maynard said on Twitter.

Nice try, Em. I actually believed that excuse for a hot minute -- until a friend of hers totally sold her out. According to the source, Emily did, in fact, have an appointment at the plastic surgeon's office -- but a "facial" was definitely not on the agenda.

“She was there for Botox,” the friend revealed. “She goes quite often. She does her whole face.”

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from off the floor. First of all, I can't believe Emily's flawless features could come from a tiny needle. Say what??? And second of all, how jealous is this "friend" of hers to reveal such personal information like this?

But, let's not veer off-topic here. The thing is, if Emily wants to get Botox, that's her prerogative. And if it gives her the confidence she needs, I say more power to her. But if that's the case, I think she should embrace it.

I mean, we see this beautiful woman on television -- her hair is always perfectly curled and her makeup is always fresh (even when she's crying -- what's up with that?). It's kind of hard to relate to her. This Botox confession could have made Emily seem like a real woman -- with insecurities and flaws just like the rest of us.

But instead she's kept up this perfect facade. Facial or no facial -- it'd be nice to see Emily for who she really is. Does she ever have a bad hair day? Does she ever smudge her makeup just a little bit?

(Please tell me the answer is yes or I'll cry.)

Are you surprised to hear that Emily could have gotten Botox? Would you get the injections, too?

Image via ABC

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Autum... Autumnjean26

Surprised? NO! I don't get what the obsession is with this girl. I mean, Yes, she's gorgeous! But I think she seems like such a snot and completely fake. Of course she's going to lie about injections. She WANTS everyone to think she's perfect.

gem09... gem092011

You think it's a secret that Emily has gotten Botox? Lolololol! She can deny it all she wants, but all you have to do is look at her face to see the truth.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

She's only 26, though. I'm 27 and my skin is quite taut, fresh, and blemish free. Could just be good genes and a talented makeup artist. And great skin care products. I think she's "real" enough having gone through the life she's had. 


Brenda Bernier

Who CARES?  To each their own.

e.nic... e.nicole.w

How does anyone know for sure that she went there to get Botox? We have a plastic surgeon in our town that does all kinds of facials and other spa treatments like wraps and that oxygen mask thing for your whole face. She very well could have been telling the truth. Everybody just wants there to be more of a story than there really is. I feel sorry for all these people who can't do anything simple without everybody turning it into something else. Get a life.

Alc0106 Alc0106

Her face doesn't move. She's obviously had Botox.  I'm not sure why people like her??  I have always thought she was really fake.  Not sure what the attraction is.  BTW, I don't think getting Botox makes her fake.  Do you what ya gotta do!

tuffy... tuffymama

Who. The fuck. Cares.

Rhys Branman

Well, her flawless features did not come from Botox. Botox does not change your features. What it does is relax the muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming. She was born with her features. And I have to agree with her that this is not really news worthy.


Dr Rhys Branman

Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center


nonmember avatar connie

I don't think she is gorgeous. I think she is fake. She was just after the fame and money.

nonmember avatar connie

I don't think she is gorgeous. I think she is fake. She was just after the fame and money.

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