'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Swears She's 'Still a Normal Person'

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Maci BookoutIt's easy to assume that the people we watch on TV from the comforts of our own home are pretty well off. With the rising popularity of reality TV, though, that's definitely not always the case. Take Teen Mom star Maci Bookout for instance. The 21-year-old recently spoke with a group of college students at Kennesaw State University telling them that on her salary, she still has normal struggles just like everyone else to pay her bills. "All of these rumors that we're rich and famous ... no, I still go to community college. I still go to Wal-Mart. I'm still a normal person."

Maci made the decision to let MTV cameras into her home and change the rest of her life. Yeah, we may all disagree about how much reality stars deserve to get paid, but I like how she's upfront about it. And hey -- I really like that she shops at Wal-Mart. What am I saying? I love it! If this doesn't prove that Maci and the rest of the Teen Mom stars are just regular, normal people, I don't know what will.

It's not just heading to Wal-Mart, either. So often we see Maci posting pictures of her and her friends doing everyday things I remember doing back in college. Going to football games, heading to the beach, you know, just having fun. These things make her easy to relate to and, unlike a few Housewives, a reality star that I don't want to punch in the face.

Still, does that mean she's a normal person? Of course not. She's a reality TV star. But she's trying to be. I applaud Maci for managing to be such a great mom to Bentley while attempting to do things just like every other girl her age and, in addition, start some sort of career. Sure, having a son at her age isn't normal and neither is showcasing your life for the world to see, but hey -- at least she's doing the best she can with what she has. 

Are you a fan of Maci? Do you think stars of Teen Mom should be paid more?


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babya... babyanderson

"Normal" people don't buy their 3 year old $150 jeans and brag about it on twitter.

nonmember avatar Katie a

@babyanderson: "Normal" people don't get jealous when others can do nice things for their kids.

nonmember avatar teresita

I love macy. I c were she's coming from on buying the best for her son. Cause I'm the same way with my son.

nonmember avatar linda

i just think maci has done a great job.she has alot of heart just like catliyn and Tyler

Spooky80 Spooky80

she has struggles with paying bills, and isnt rich off of teen mom, and still shops at walmart???!! I dont think so!!! she doesnt have any struggles and she IS rich, the teen moms make $65,000 per episode and she just recedntly bought a pair of jeans for bently they were over $100!!! 

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