Kate Middleton Snubs Kim Kardashian for Tea but Let's Pretend It Will Happen Anyway


Kim KardashianAfter hearing that Kim Kardashian wants to have tea with Kate Middleton while she's over in London promoting her new Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins fashion line, I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at the thought of those two sitting down together and enjoying a proper and sophisticated afternoon.

But then when I heard that Kate Middleton pretty much laughed at the idea altogether? Well, I couldn't help but feel just a teensy bit bad for Kim. According to the National Enquirer (I know, not the best source, but just go with it), Kate is pretty turned off by the Kardashian clan.

An insider says:

Kate can’t stand their style, and from what she knows about their TV show, it’s just a bunch of trashy people primping and yelling at each other. She’s far too polite to diss Kim to her face, but she’s got enough on her plate without having tea with someone like her.

Wait -- the insults get better. The source also added:

The Duchess gets free clothes sent to her every day of the week, and she always sends them back. The royal family is very careful about not being seen to endorse any product. It’s just not proper. Quite apart from that, the Kardashian outfits just aren’t appropriate for a duchess. Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket!

Ouch. I mean, OUCH!

Ok, so nobody can really blame Kim for wanting to sit down and try to woo Kate Middleton into wearing a few pieces from her collection (that HAD to be her motive). Can you even imagine how the world would react if Kate turned up in a Kardashian-designed frock? The line would sell out in a matter of hours!

I guess it's understandable that Kate has better things to do than sit down with someone who's famous simply for being famous, but I'm thinking maybe she should reconsider and give this tea party a shot.

If nothing else, the dialogue between them would be pure comedy for sure.

I'm guessing it would go down something like this:

Kim: "Oh my Goddddd!! I'm so thrilled to finally be sitting in the same room as you! You are, like, a total source of inspiration to, like, everyone. Can I hug you?"

Kate: "Oh. Oh, my. What shall I do? It's touching me. Oh. Oh, dear."

Kim: "You know, Kate, I've felt such a strong connection to you, well, you know, because of your topless photos and my sex tape floating around on the Internet. We're like -- twinsies!"

Kate: "Shh. We musn't speak of such things -- pardon me? Your what tape?"

Kim: "Oh yeah, it was no big deal. Just a little harmless fun. Me and Kanye are thinking about making our own tape. OMG! You and Will should totally do one too! Nobody has to know. It'll be our little secret, since we're besties now and all."

Kate: (In a desperate attempt to be polite and change the subject.) "Tell me, Ms. Kardashian, have you toured the sights of London yet on your holiday?"

Kim: "Sigh. No, I haven't had any time because I've been promoting this totally awesome new fashion line -- holy sh*&, I totally forgot I have some samples in my bag for you to try!"

Kate: "Oh, well, why don't you leave them here, dear. I'll give them a go later on, I promise." (The nerve of her to think I'd wear something like THAT! I'll just pass these atrocious clothes on to Camilla.)

Ok, your turn. Do you think Kim and Kate would hit it off?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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worki... workingmama86

Sorry but I don't believe anything in the Enquirer. And If Kate really did say those things about Kim and act like that, then I have lost a lot of respect for her. That's tasteless and shows she's a stuck up snob.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Never sure what to make of Enquirer stories- some have turned out quite spot on... and others leave us wondering about this week's alien baby sage. IF the Duchess turned down the Kardashians, I happen to disagree with workingmama- I give her all the kudos I can for not allowing this plague of self-serving/trashiness any of her limelight. They are an atrocious bunch and I wouldn't personally want my name attached to anything of theirs either.

If only more people would do the same, then they might go away and quit making disgusting amounts of money being trashy. Its a sad example of what represents our country. :-(

SaphireH SaphireH

if she said that great for her they are trashy and kim is the stuck up snob not kate

juicy... juicyjaney

I can understand why Kate, as classy as she is, wouldn't want to be seen with a Kartrashian. She has more important things to do, I'm sure.

Mary Campbell

Why would Middleton want to have tea with a womn who is famous for doing nothing.

Mary Campbell

Why would Middleton want to have tea with a woman who just wants to make this "all about her". The less publicity the Kardashians get the more networks will spend time on people who are worth the air time. Kim K is famous for doing nothing.

Steven McKnight

The difference between "class" and "ass."

Anjelica M. Stauber

And Kate Middleton is famous for....doing nothing. And no better than the Kardashians.

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