Kim Kardashian's Marine Ball Appearance Is a Surprisingly Sweet Thing to Do (VIDEO)

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kim kardashianKim Kardashian is going to the HQ Battery 10th Marine Birthday Ball in North Carolina tonight. Isn't that sweet? The reality star agreed to attended the event when an yet-to-be-named Marine asked her to be his date a while back, and Kim rearranged her schedule to make sure she could attend. No word on whether or not the Kourtney & Kim Take Miami cameras will be there as she celebrates with the honorable men and women who serve in our armed forces, but something tells me that there will be no dearth of photos documenting Kim's altruistic evening.

Because if a Kardashian volunteers in the boonies and no one's around to photograph it, did it really happen?

Laff. While I have no doubt that Kim accepted the invitation because a) A-listers like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have blazed the trail before her, and b) it's good for her image, I also think that her going to a Marine ball is mutually beneficial, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

She gets credit for doing good, the Marines get attention for the good they do, I get a blog post out of it ... win, win, win. An insider says Kim was honored by the invitation, and in all seriousness, it's cool that she accepted and made it work. I bet she's pretty tired from her whirlwind London trip and from her "best workout ever" this morning, but that hasn't stopped her from fulfilling her obligation.

Here's to a fun night for Kim K. and her servers and suitors. I mean servicemen in suits. God bless the troops!

Do you think it's sweet that Kim Kardashian is going to a Marine ball?


Photo via hollywood pr/Flickr



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Texas... TexasGirl512

Of course the cameras will be there. It's KIM after all.

Emily Moczo

funny thing is.. the balls aren't in the boonies. ignorant.

nonmember avatar Jessie

I hope cameras are not there this is an event for the families and marines some may be leaving for deployments and don't need the harassment of cameras and paparazzi. I mean it is awesome she accepted to go with this marine but Hollywood doesn't have to come with her. These are our men and women who protect us and make sure we stay free they deserve the up most respect and it is an honor for her to be apart of their special night. Oorah much love and respect for our troops from a pround Army wife.

nonmember avatar Kilted Cook

I've never had much use for the Kardashians, but good for her! It's not like she needs to do this for publicity, as you've pointed out, the cameras are already following her. And as the story says, the idea was initiated by the Marine who invited her. I just became a little more tolerant of her.

Here's the sad part: I followed a link on Facebook to this article, and you should see all the downright nasty comments it's getting - predominantly from women. I wonder if they'd be so catty if a male camera hog went with a female Marine. Meoow.

nonmember avatar Marine Mom

Its a nice gesture. I only hope focus stays on those who deserve it, the men and women who never receive the recognition they so deserve. I hope Kim is doing this because of her love of country and military and USMC and not for her own agenda.

Mom of a Cpl USMC

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