‘Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville Should Be Your Favorite & Here’s Why (VIDEO)

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brandi glanvilleWhen we first started out together, things were rocky. I wasn't sure if I liked this Brandi Glanville newbie last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I watched her with squinted eyes and crossed arms. Then, as our friendship progressed over season two, and now, during season three, I feel like we're best friends who link arms and skip down hallways and retweet, like, everything each other says.

If you're not as in love with Brandi as I am, you will be after you watch her on The Wendy Williams Show. She talks about LeAnn Rimes, she talks about her divorce, and she gives sage advice to women in relatinoships. Brandi's the best bestie ever!

She's just so laid back and will talk about anything. I like that she has nothing to hide or prove. Other Housewives seem really uptight, but not Brandi. Shoot -- she only called out Kyle for saying that Brandi had sex in the bathroom because Kyle referenced the wrong night. Brandi admits to doing it in the can, but fact-checks Kyle on the particular evening in question.

And as for her awesome best friend advice, Brandi admits that the divorce left her in a pinch, and says that she had no credit and no money of her own and had to ask, at 36, for help from her parents. She told Wendy that women should make sure they're an individual before they're a couple.

Like, my best friend is so smart.

Bran Bran goes on to explain why she's hurt when LeAnn tweets photos of her kids and, in general, seems genuinely and completely invested in providing a healthy and happy childhood for her two boys.

Brandi's the coolest, you guys. For reals. BFFs 4 life!

Brandi fan, are ya?


Photo via WendyWilliamsShow/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Beth

I love Brandi and I feel for her with everything she went through with her ex. She seems to be the most "real" of the housewives and I applaud her honesty. I wish her all the best. P.S. Wendy Williamsmis a terrible interviewer.

Nicole Jordan

YES! I am a Brandi fan. My blood just boils when all of the jealous witches on that show repeat over and over that Brandi said she slept with every guy in town. If you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about. The same as when Brandi called herself a slut. It's like these other women have never heard of sarcasm or something. They are all soooo jealous. Brandi is pretty much to prettiest housewife ever, on any season.

Ruth Burlew Frank

Brandi is a beautiful girl with absolutely NO CLASS!!   Knowing the right thing to say when you are trying to impress people is not convincing to me.  No fan of Brandi!


Joanne Hester

Brandi is who she is, it is refreshing,she is not trying to put on a show.  She has as much class as the rest of her cast mates.  She just doesn't pretend like the other ones do. I like her

Marie A. Brooks

Straight talk, no chaser in your face up front...I like Brandi for not being a pretender. She is who she is and expects people to accept her at face value because she does no back down...LOL I like that she can fit in and confront any of them who challenge her or act crazy with her.

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