'Glee' Spoilers: Lea Michele Isn’t Pregnant But Is Rachel Berry?

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Lea Michele Cory MonteithWe've already heard (and moved on from) the rumors that Glee star Lea Michele is pregnant. But it's looking like there could be a hint of truth in this one. As if a new director for the New Directions isn't shocker enough, spoilers leaked about this season claim a leading lady will be pregnant. And they haven't ruled out Rachel Berry!

Well, that would be one way to bring her back to Lima, huh? Goodbye New York, hello motherhood! But when I say they haven't ruled out Rachel, that means there's still room for some other possibilities.

Let's just look at the pack, shall we?

I'd say we can rule out Santana and Brittany for pretty obvious reasons. And Sue Sylvester has already delivered her baby; giving her another would hardly qualify as "plot twist" now. 

So who's left?

Emma Pillsbury -- Mr. Schuester's fiancee is such a germaphobe that we can't imagine her having sex without a condom. But then again, condoms do break ... and at least she's an adult. We have already had the teen pregnancy storyline, haven't we?

Quinn Fabray -- We desperately want Dianna Agron back on the show, and this could be a perfect way to bring her home from the Ivy League to rejoin her pals in Ohio. But after getting pregnant once and placing the baby with Rachel's birth mom, we'd hope she's learned her lesson about safe sex. Ryan Murphy is just going to have to bring her back to us another way (hear that Ryan?).

Marley Rose -- It would certainly be a plot twist if the young rising star of the New Directions ended up with a bun in the oven. But doesn't it seem a bit cruel? She's already the kid who gets free lunch and gets picked on for being poor. Can't she have something good for once? 

Mercedes Jones -- We've only been getting bits and pieces of the fabulous Amber Riley these days; certainly not enough to fill the diva quotient. We'd love to see more of her, but I'm not sure this is the way to do it.

Tina Cohen-Chang -- It's possible, but didn't she and Mike break up? Who exactly is going to be the baby's daddy?

Coach Bieste -- Another "at least she's an adult," but is she really a "leading" lady on this show? And having her end up pregnant would make the domestic violence plotline even more disturbing.

It's looking more and more like Rachel can be the only possibility. Either way, we'll know if someone is pregnant on Glee in the next three months, at least according to the spoilers.

Who are you laying your bets on having the bun in the oven?


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Kelly Scholen Johnson

I think you're misinterpreting WetPaint's "article" - the original source said a leading lady on "prime time television" - NOT a leading lady on GLEE, necessarily.

Catherine Austin

That better be the case. Rachel DOES NOT deserve to be dragged back to hicksville Lima where she was never appreciated. Do not take her out of her element, the place she has dreamed of living in since she was 2 yrs old. Besides, stands to reason Brody would be the dad, so why would she leave him and her city for the place she was trying to get away from.

Gail Pandori

Well maybe the teacher is pregnnt by Brody. Or not and will preted to get at Rachel.

Jay Chaplin

So stupid and who desperately wants Quinn back urgh. Emma is the only is one who is possible.

nonmember avatar Lyn

Brittany is not ruled out. She likes girls AND guys, and is in a relationship with Sam. How is she ruled out?

Destiny Cartagena

It should definitely be Emma! They need to bring back Mr. Schue one way or another and a baby is they way to do it!

nonmember avatar Lanette

What if Puck also knocks up Kitty (aka Quinn 2.0)? He supposedly spent his summer pool cleaning money on a vasectomy, according to Jacob Ben Israel in ssn 2 ep 1. But did he really?

nonmember avatar ASHLEY

I really really hope it is not Rachel, they already tried to marry her off she needs to stay in new york and get her, own show w/ Kurt, Quinn, Santana, Britt,& Brody. So over Finn and there high school BS that just doesn't happen in real life. I would hate for her to have to be tied to him for life! The show needs to move to NY

Cynthia Sherer

i think it should be rachel i mean she already thinks shes better than anybody else on the show she needs to come back to reality people rachel and finn deserve each other so does emma and will in my opinion

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