Usher Boots His Ex From His Mansion to Help Her Move on With Her Life

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UsherWell, Tameka Raymond is hitching her U-Haul and moving on—literally and figuratively. Ex-hubby Usher is evicting her from his $3.2 million dollar Georgia home and she’s gonna have to find herself some new digs quick, fast, and in a hurry. As of last week, the house was listed and on the market, much like its owner, I suppose.

Raymond was given permission to live in the 12,544 square-foot mansion as part of the now-defunct couple’s 2009 divorce settlement, but the agreement also stipulated that her R&B heartthrob ex-hubby was also allowed to put the home up for sale any time, so long as he gave her two months’ advance notice. Raymond, however, has presumably spent that time grieving the loss of her 11-year-old son, Kile, who passed away in a tragic jet skiing accident in July.

All’s fair in failed romance and contentious divorce decrees, I guess, and apparently three months is more than enough time to mourn the loss of a child in a house owned by a rich and powerful ex-hubs, so tick tick tick, Tameka. Time’s a-wastin’. 

Since Kile’s death, the two have also continued to be embroiled in a battle over their two adorable little boys, Usher V, 5 and Naviyd, 3. (Kile was one of Tameka’s kids from a previous marriage.) The elder Usher was awarded custody of his sons in August, but Tameka is fighting the decision, calling Usher an “absentee father” and probably a million other things I haven’t been able to keep up with because this saga is ever-developing. There’s probably something going on with them right now, as I’m typing. 

Losing one son and losing custody of two more has probably made summer 2012 the worst time ever in Tameka Raymond’s life. Though they were able to put aside their pre-existing differences for a fleeting moment while they tended to Kile and made some difficult decisions when doctors declared him brain dead, it still seems like such a tragic event should’ve made their split more amicable. Guess not, since Tameka has fresh marching orders to be out of the house.

Is Usher showing his coldhearted side by booting his ex in such a highly emotional time?

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You sooo no nothing about this woman.Tragic what happened to her son.Usher did ask the judge to delay the custody hearing after the child was taken off life support so she could grieve but she's the one who wanted it to go forward.She's a viper.He should have listened to his mother when it came to her.

nonmember avatar sarah

its his house and he should be able to do what he wants with it. he probably owned it before he knew her so she has no reason to be living it it at all. its very sad that she lost her son but that really isnt his problem.

ashes... ashes2ashes831

How many divocee's get to live in a house rent free etc after a divorce. Irregardless of what happened she's not entitled to the house sad but true

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