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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

You can't beat that Ryan Gosling argument... I am officially team Gosling!

purvi... purvislets

I'm definitely team Joe Manganiello! Sookie is such an idiot for not choosing Alcide IMO. Goodness gracious, does that girl not have eyes?!

If I had to pick a second place it would definitely be Henry Cavill. I first saw him in Tristan and Isolde and was so in love! Now, I'm catching up on the Tudors and just can't get enough. Plus, he was Stephenie Meyer's first choice for Edward (and, may I just add, a much better choice that Rob!) but sadly he no longer looked young enough to pull off 17. Le tears.

CPN322 CPN322

Channing Tatum is the sexist man alive hands down. I think the right choice was made

Katie Sasso

Uh, Joe M ALL.THE.WAY. And has anyone seen him in magic mike. Couldn't think straight. And he DID wear a firemans outfit in that movie.

AliNo... AliNoelle

Ever so agreed with Ryan Gosling and the True Blood fellas. Um yes please!

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Why are people hating on Channing Tatum? Let him have his moment!! Lol

tuffy... tuffymama

I will climb Channing Tatum like a tree. I'll take Henry Cavill and Idris Elba any damn day because I've been hot for them forever (my goodness, Idris can probably light panties on fire with one look!). The rest of these guys? Not a chance in hell. Ira Glass? Don't make me puke. Hippy with a haircut. Taylor Lautner? Squishy inbred face. Barrack Obama? He looks gay. For real. REALLY gay. And I got over my fascination with turning gay guys way back in high school. Most of whatever hard-up group of Fifty Shades fans came up with this list need to get off the damn bong. You guys are CRAZY.

SaphireH SaphireH

i love channing tatum and he is the best choice

Luisa Perkins

Daniel Craig is so. Freaking. Hot.

As are many of the rest of the list. Nicely done. I do love me some Ryan Gosling, and I also love having a sexy president.

As far as so-funny-he's-red-smokin'-hot goes, give me Jon Stewart any damn day.

lissa... lissalynn83

Channing Tatum is hot, but there I soooo agree that Ryan Gosling should have won!! Heck, he should win that title EVERY year for that matter.

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